Covert Brings Spy Action To The PlayStation VR

Ready for a new experience?
Ready for a new experience? White Elk

For those looking for a new experience, Covert should be a good choice. Released for the PlayStation VR, the game has two players team up to complete a single objective. Covert has one of the players use the PSVR headset, while the other plays using a tablet or smartphone.

How does that work, you ask? To understand it better, we first need to look into what you need to do in the game. The story focuses on two players as they are hired by a mysterious client to pull off heists. Cooperation is key here. One of the players serves as the hacker and uses a mobile device. That player then helps and guides the other player, taking the role of the thief, who uses the PSVR headset.

Since the thief is on the ground, that player gets a bird-eye view of what is happening. Meanwhile, the hacker works behind the scenes and can get the locations of the guards, help crack safes, and of course, hack into the network. For example, the hacker can double tap on the map and this results in markers that the thief can see in his perspective.

Covert includes an exciting story spread through eight different missions that total to six hours of gameplay, so it's not your typical heist. You and your friend have been recruited by Stacy, a genius and member of the League of Thieves. The League has been double-crossed by one of their own, resulting in their leader landing in jail. It's not just about pulling off the heist of the century, but also helping Stacy get revenge.

The game was developed by White Elk, who is responsible for other games like Dead Realm and Eclipse: Edge of Light. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, White Elk Founder and Creative Director Jonathan Hawkins shared that he wanted to come up with something social. It was then that he "noticed that when I shared VR with my family and friends, everybody wanted to try it out, but there weren’t a lot of games that allowed you to have a shared experience with the person in VR." He went on to say that this resulted in him challenging not only himself, but also the team at White Elk to develop “something unique and explore a brand-new gaming genre.”

Covert is available on the PlayStation Store for $14.99.

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