Grand Theft Auto V Mod Lets You Play Entire Game In VR

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GTA V VR Mod Change

It's been about five years since Grand Theft Auto V released on PC and ever since then the modding community for the game has remained extremely active. Several modders came up with interesting mods that allowed players to experience the game differently. Up until now, however, no one came up with a VR mod for the game. That is, until recently, when a capable modder was able to create the Grand Theft Auto V R.E.A.L. mod, which allows you to play the entire game in VR.

The Grand Theft Auto V R.E.A.L. mod is a full VR overhaul, enabling the game to be fully played in VR, including the cutscenes. With certain tweaks made to the UI and a few other features, the mod is now compatible with Steam VR and Oculus Rift.

Reddit user LukeRoss00 has been working on this project for years and now his efforts have come to fruition. According to LukeRoss00, the project was initially started to get the Oculus Rift headset to work with GTA V's campaign missions, but it eventually turned into a full-blown mod that allows you to experience the full game in first-person VR.

LukeRoss00 also worked on a few issues that fixed the FOV in cutscenes and reduced animation glitches. The modder has also tested the mod by playing the entire GTA V campaign and performed in-game activities. With the updated version of the mod, aiming has become easier and so is the installing of the mod itself.

The updated version of the mod brings support for MSAA, giving players with available horsepower to achieve sharper images. Although the mod was designed to work with Steam VR and Oculus Rift, some users in the comments have also reported that the game works great on Vive and other VR headsets.

You can download the mod from Github.

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