Counter Strike: Global Offensive March 21 Patch Tweaks Vertigo And Abbey

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Valve

Valve continues to support Counter Strike: Global Offensive with regular updates. Two of the maps, namely Vertigo and Abbey, went through some heavy tweaks with the latest patch. Valve released the update and patch notes on March 21.

In Vertigo, the wingman version is now switched to bombsite B. The white metal structure at bombsite B has been made slightly larger in hopes it will reduce boost positions. The catwalk on top of T stairs of bombsite B has been extended and Bombsite A now has more railings. The elevator room ambient light is improved and the unintended boost HVAV fan is now completely removed. C4 explosion radius has also been reduced from 500 to 400.

In Abbey, the Pinky box is replaced and one more crate was added near ivy. Flower pots in bombsite B and A long stairs are removed and the gap between gazebo and crate is now eliminated. Complete patch notes are mentioned below.

CS:GO March 21 Patch Notes


  • -Switched Wingman version to bombsite B
  • -Made white metal structures on B site slightly larger, to prevent excessive angles/boost positions
  • -Added some floor material variation for footstep differentiation (CT corridor to back of A, elevator room near A site, T entrance to mid)
  • -Lowered C4 explosion radius (from 500 to 400)
  • -Added grenade clip to roof props in forklift room/lower level that allowed molotovs to burn through to upper level
  • -Extended catwalk by top of T stairs to B
  • -Added more railings near A ramp
  • -Fixed various clipping issues and C4 stuck spots (Thanks bonna97!)
  • -Blocked weapons from falling into gap at bottom of A ramp (Thanks 3kliksphilip!)
  • -Boosted ambient light in elevator room near A site
  • -Removed a unintended boost on HVAC fan in B site


  • Replaced pinky box
  • Removed sprites from lightsticks in gate house and underpass
  • Included material for spikes model near CT spawn
  • Added another crate on top of the crates near ivy
  • Removed flower pot near B bombsite for better visibility on retakes
  • Removed flower pot under the window on A long stairs
  • Removed gap between crates on B bombsite
  • Removed gap between crate and gazebo on A bombsite
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