Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Just Hit 1 Million Concurrent Players

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Milestone
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Milestone Reddit

For the first time in eight years, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hit one million concurrent players. This record seems to have broken due to the recent coronavirus pandemic because many countries such as China, Spain, and others are under full lockdown. When people have to be home, it leads to more players playing video games. Since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is free to play, many people picked it up to have some fun and wait out the virus.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also tweeted out saying “Thanks a million.” to all their players for helping them achieve this milestone. Multiple organizations such as G2 Esports also thanked Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for being there supporting them.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has had its fair share of trouble as well. Many players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are either blatantly hacking or closet cheating, making the game irritating to play for people who just want to have some fun. Thankfully, developers at Valve are hard at work to help solve these issues, and fix other bugs and errors as well.

A recent Counter-Strike update included a few changes:


– Improved bot decision trees including support for Ballistic Shield.

– Game language can now be controlled in the game properties Language tab.

– Added support for Greek, Español-Latinoamérica, and Vietnamese languages.

– Fixed vote UI to display uppercase map names.

– Fixed several unlocalized UI strings.


– Jungle

— Reworked radio tower (only two first floors are accessible now)

— Added some new buildings near “beta”, “APC”, “radio tower”, “Charlie”

— Improved clipping across the map

— more covers props have been added in some places, to make the map less open

— Added more loot crates

— Updated map overview

— Fixed many community bug reports

— Reduced grass size

— reduced fog density

— Changed lighting in some areas

So, what are your thoughts on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hitting a milestone? Are you excited for the future of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Or do you think it will fade away eventually? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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