Chocobo GP Now Out on Android and iOS

Ready to race?
Ready to race? Square Enix

There’s already a lot of kart racing games available on mobile, but Square Enix wants to join the fun with Chocobo GP. This one has players go through wild and hectic stages to deliver treasure to the finish line. Available on Android and iOS devices, it’s sure to offer a new kind of experience whether you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy series.

This game is a sequel to Chocobo Racing, released way back in 1999 on PlayStation. At that time, it really didn't catch on, especially with reviews saying that it was just a way to join the kart racer genre. A sequel was first announced back in 2010 but when it was found out that the quality didn't meet the standards, it was canceled in 2013.

Features of the game include:

  • Go on a campaign where Chocobo and friends enter a racing tournament to grant their greatest wish.
  • Enjoy local split-screen or online multiplayer with friends.
  • Race through enchanting locations to unlock new characters with unique abilities.

In terms of gameplay, it’s pretty easy since there are only two controls. Players just need to use dash or back commands to reach the finish line. However, at any time a player loses their balance, all treasures collected are dropped.

Try Out Different Modes

  • Story Mode
    • Adventure through the campaign and unlock characters and courses.
  • Series Races
    • Drift and boost your way across four tracks in a row and compete for the highest score.
    • It's available online or locally with a two-player split-screen.
  • Time Attack
    • Race against other players’ ghosts, or even your own, from across the world and see just how fast you can go.
  • Custom Races
    • Create your very own crazy challenge by controlling the number of tracks and Magicite.
    • Invite friends to try out your creation or share your Joy Cons with a friend for two-player local fun.
  • Chocobo GP Mode
    • Compete with as many as 64 players in an online knock-out tournament.
    • Show everyone you’re the best racer there is.
    • Grab rewards, which change with every season pass.

Chocobo GP is also set to be released on Nintendo Switch on March 10.

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