6th Anniversary Celebration of Bleach: Brave Souls Starts July 23

A new Aizen.
A new Aizen. KLab

This Friday, July 23, is going to be a big day for all Soul Reapers of Bleach: Brave Souls. It’s going to mark the start of the celebration of its sixth anniversary.

The game was initially released back in 2015 on Android and iOS platforms in Japan. It was later launched worldwide in 2016. The game is based on manga and anime of the same title.

Now if you’re a fan of Bleach, you probably know who the character is in the photo. It’s none other than Sosuke Aizen. Anyway, making this year’s celebration even better is that the special design of the Aizen you see was supervised by none other than creator Tite Kubo. You can watch what you need to know about the celebration below:

For the duration of the celebration, there are exclusive in-game campaigns that include up to 100 free Summons and special event quests. Then, there is the Brave Souls 6th Anniversary RT Campaign where players and fans simply need to retweet with a hashtag to win Brave Souls original swag and other prizes. A total of 2,000 winners will be chosen randomly.

While the celebration starts Friday, it’s only Round 1. Here are some of the things players can look forward to:

  • 6th Anniversary Step-Up Summons
    • Event Period: July 23 to July 30
    • Details:
      • This special Summons features the specially designed 6th Anniversary version of Sosuke Aizen.
      • Step 1 is free and Step 6 guarantees one of the twelve featured 5-star characters.
  • 6th Anniversary Choose a 6-star Summons
    • Event Period: July 23 to August 31
    • Details:
      • As a big thanks to the whole community, the game is giving away one free 6-star character to each player in the 6th Anniversary Choose a 6-star Summons.
      • Players can select 10 characters that they want and the Summons guarantees one of the characters they selected.
  • 6th Anniversary Free Daily Brave Souls Summons
    • Event Period: July 23 to August 16
    • Details:
      • Get a Free Daily Brave Souls Summons.
      • Players have the chance to perform a free x10 summons once per day for up to ten days for a total of 100 Summons and Step 10 guarantees a 5-star character.
  • 6th Anniversary Quest: From the Heavens, From the Stars
    • Event Period: July 23 to August 10
    • Details:
      • Players can clear Event Orders for this special anniversary event to get their hands on a unique 6th Anniversary Accessory and other great rewards.
  • 6th Anniversary Tower
    • Event Period: August 5 to August 25
    • Details:
      • The 6th Anniversary Tower appears as a single-player high difficulty Senkaimon Quest.

Read the complete details of the sixth anniversary celebration here.

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