Call of Duty Warzone God Mode: Is it a Glitch or a New Hack?

Call of Duty: Warzone July 14 Update
Call of Duty: Warzone July 14 Update Raven Software

It appears that there is another issue plaguing Call of Duty: Warzone. This time, some players appeared to be invincible against incoming attacks.

Just recently, Activision and Raven Software banned over 50,000 accounts for cheating and hacking. Some of them were repeated offenders and these accounts are likely not going to be unbanned anymore, which is a good thing.

However, despite the developers’ best efforts, a new problem comes in, or at least, exploitation of possible glitches.

A New Hack?

Not too long ago, a video was posted by Redditor @Aldosarii showcased what seems like an invincible player on a rampage, killing everyone in their path.

As seen, the invincible player even put up their shield to not arouse suspicion, to make it look like they are taking damage.

Most of the people who replied in the thread said that this is likely a new hack circulating in the game.

According to Redditor @dNStreetMW, it was only a matter of time that such a cheat will come to Warzone. And since it has finally arrived, the game is "done for."

In response, Redditor @Suitable-Dingo-3666 said that they are hoping for a true anti-cheat system. If this is indeed a god mode hack, then most people are going to quit unless the developers do something.

As of now, the only way for hackers to get banned is for players to report them. This is just ineffective and will not totally solve the cheating problem prevalent in the game.

A Glitch Perhaps?

A similar issue has been brought to light a few months ago. In a video posted by Redditor @SCAR020, an invincible player was also seen rampaging on the map. The only difference is that the Redditor suspected it as a glitch and not a hack.

In the video, the invincible player was executed several times but they keep coming back as if the previous actions have never happened.

They went on to say that this phenomenon was worse than the infamous stim glitch.

Whether this is a glitch or a hack, the developers should investigate and act soon. Fighting against those you cannot kill is not a fun experience at all.

So, what do you think? Is the god mode a glitch or a new breed of hack on Call of Duty: Warzone?

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