Call of Duty Warzone: 50,000 Accounts Bans; Invisible Attackers Return

Call of Duty Warzone
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Activision and Raven Software are committed to making Call of Duty: Warzone enjoyable to as many players as possible. That is why thousands have been banned in the latest sweep.

Developer Raven Software tweeted that it has been a while since they’ve conducted ban waves. That is why over 50,000 accounts have been banned recently. Both companies have also stated that they’ve targeted repeat offenders and more.

Warzone has always been a game constantly targeted by cheaters. Not too long ago, Activision has put an end to a previously undetectable hacking tool. Though cheating remains rampant, and it's no surprise for a popular battle royale game.

Despite Activision and Raven Software’s efforts, the community doesn’t seem to be impressed. One user stated that the recent ban wave doesn’t fix the overall issue they experience.

Another user said that the best approach that they can do is to get an actual anti-cheat system in place. Ban waves alone cannot keep up with the sheer number of cheaters, new or repeat offenders.

Invisibility Glitch Back Again

In other news, it seems that the pesky invisibility glitch is back again with some players voicing their frustration on Reddit.

Redditor @NosajnessBTR posted a video of what appears to be an invisible assassin. The video shows that there was no apparent attacker on sight. But, upon checking the kill cam, there was indeed someone firing at them.

In another related post, Redditor @johnhew93 also shared a video of an unknown attacker killing them without being seen, though there was no kill cam this time.

Redditor @Lma0-Zedong posted a reply in @johnhew93’s post saying that the issue is not entirely new. In fact, the Redditor already contacted the developers about this. They said that they have reported four of these incidents with information on how to replicate each one.

Despite their best efforts, it looks like no fix is included in the latest patch notes regarding this issue, which means that the problem likely persists to this day. However, there’s a silver lining here - the message sent by the developers to @Lma0-Zedong. Hopefully, that message will lead to a permanent fix.

With so many issues regarding hacks and cheats still ravaging Call of Duty: Warzone, what do you think should the devs do to solve them once and for all?

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