Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Microtransactions Discussed In Latest Dev Update

Call of Duty devs assure fans amid growing concerns over how Modern Warfare will handle microtransactions.
Call of Duty devs assure fans amid growing concerns over how Modern Warfare will handle microtransactions. Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was announced over three months ago, and since then has made waves in the gaming community for its new take on the Modern Warfare series, its added realism, new features, and the return of some of the most iconic characters in gaming. However, amidst the excitement and anticipation the community has grown uneasy about the future of microtransactions for the game.

In an attempt to abate the unrest among fans of the Modern Warfrare franchise, Infinity Ward Senior Communication Manager Ashton Williams provided the community with an update regarding microtransactions and what to expect. Williams said in response to a thread on the game’s official subreddit: “Please be patient. We hear you. And we’ll share more as we get closer to launch.”

Of course, that didn’t do much to quell uneasy fans, but at least we know the concerns are being heard. In any case, it’s either Infinity Ward is still planning out how microtransactions are going to work in the game, or they’re up to their usual tricks and are going to reveal MTX details shortly before launch.

With past titles, many players lashed out against Infinity Ward over the outrageous costs of in-game items and cosmetics even after they had already purchased the base game. This time around, it seems fans are less than eager to dive into a game that’ll put up a paywall on their enjoyment, so fans everywhere are demanding more information regarding microtransactions in Modern Warfare.

Fortunately, it seems microtransactions in general are getting better in the gaming industry. With moves from international authorities to get rid of gambling mechanics in video games, it seems rigged microtransactions as we know them today are on the decline, so Modern Warfare might just come up with a MTX model that players can get behind.

What do you think about Infinity Ward’s stance on MTX so far? Do you think they’re trying to make MTX more player friendly, or just biding time before they drop another bomb on their fans like with some previous Call of Duty titles? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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