Build Your Own Gunpla and Fight When Gundam Breaker 4 Comes Out this August

Build and fight. Bandai Namco

It's been a while since a title from the fan favorite Gundam series was released. The wait is almost over as Bandai Namco announced that Gundam Breaker 4 is releasing worldwide on August 29. The game is going to be available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and the PC via Steam. It's also being released on the Nintendo Switch.

The game focuses on what can be described as a cycle of Break, Build and Battle. It's where players get to use Gunpla, or Gundam Plastic models, and come up with their own creation. They then get to fight enemies composed of at least 250 mobile suits. Players can also collect loot by breaking off pieces during combat and then use those same pieces to build new and even more powerful hybrid creations.

In Gundam Breaker 4, players get to mesh together their own mecha creations with parts from more than 250 iconic Mobile Suits from across the Gundam series. They then get to test their creations on a virtual battle where a maximum of three players fight in co-op multiplayer.

One of the new features that players can look forward to is one where they get to use two different weapons which then result in releasing unique combos. In between the fights, players get access to a robust mecha garage where they can customize their creations using new parts along with paint, decals, and weathering.

Different Editions

Players can get the Standard Edition and those who pre-order this version get Builders Parts Early Unlocks and RX-78 Gundam Recirculation Color Early Unlock as bonuses.

There's also a Digital Deluxe Edition which has the base game along with early unlocks to parts from 15 "hero" mobile suits that spans across different iconic series. Included as well are five story mission packs with new mobile suits and the Digital Deluxe exclusive parts which feature the Gundam Breaker 4 hero mobile suit and the Gunbarrel Strike Gundam (Gundam Breaker Ver.).

Meanwhile, a Digital Ultimate Edition is also available which has everything in the Digital Deluxe Edition along with a Diorama Pack that has additional creative elements. It also has the Diorama Pack Bonus that comes with Gundam Breaker Easels and Posters.

Finally, those who have a little more to spend can opt for the Collector's Edition which has:

  • Gundam Breaker 4 - Physical Copy
  • Digital Soundtrack
    • 45 Tracks from the Game
  • Gunbarrel Strike Gundam (Gundam Breaker Ver.) exclusive Gunpla
    • Swap out various parts to create 3 different variations
  • Builders Parts Early Unlocks
    • Six early unlocks to outfit the Gunpla
  • RX-78 Gundam Recirculation Color Early Unlock
  • Exclusive Steelbook
  • Preorder Bonus
    • Builders Parts Early Unlock
    • RX-78 Gundam Recirculation Color Early Unlock

Pre-order Gundam Breaker 4 now.

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