BTS World Celebrates Chuseok Holiday In Latest Event

Celebrate the Chuseok holiday with BTS~
Celebrate the Chuseok holiday with BTS~ Netmarble

BTS World announced that it is introducing a new event in time for the Chuseok Holiday. Literally translated as "Autumn Eve", this three-day holiday is held around the autumn equinox. For this year, the holiday starts on September 12 and ends on September 14.

During the Chuseok holiday, families in South Korea gather in order to make delicious food like Songpyeon rice cake. Given that it's the most celebrated Korean holiday, the entire family meets up to thank their ancestors and spend the valuable time together.

BTS World said that this event is titled "Our Chuseok Celebration." It started on September 5 and ends on September 19. During the duration of the event, players get to enjoy a new story, mission stage, and SNS.

To be able to participate in the event, players can go through the Event Stage Banner which is located at the bottom of the Lobby. However, this event is only available to those who managed to complete the "Another Story" tutorial.

Details of the event include:

  • Enjoy Event Stage story and clear the stage to collect the Songpyeon event items.
  • Get ‘Accumulated Achievement Reward’ in the form of various gifts, including new five star and four star Event Member Cards and buy various event items at the ‘Event Shop’ using ‘Songpyeon’.
  • Each event mission stage is free to play three times a day.
  • Once you have used all of your free plays, you can use Gems for additional entrances.
  • If you clear the mission stage, you can get ‘Songpyeon’.
    • The higher mission clearing score, the more Songpyeon you can earn.
    • You can get a higher stage clear score by using Bonus Cards in the Event Stage.
    • When calculating stage clear scores, each Bonus Card gives an additional bonus of + 35% to the card's score calculation.
    • You will get an "Acquisition Achievement Reward" based on the number of “Songpyeon" that you worked so hard to collect. The reward can be used ‘as currency to buy items in the Event Shop’.

Event Shop

Here are the rewards that you can exchange for your Songpyeon:

  • Item: 1 Wing
    • Songpyeon: 80
  • Item: 5,000 Gold
    • Songpyeon: 400
  • Item: 10 DNA
    • Songpyeon: 1,000
  • Item: 1 Flower
    • Songpyeon: 1,000
  • Item: 1 Bouquet
    • Songpyeon: 5,000
  • Item: 300 DNA
    • Songpyeon: 30,000

Accumulated Acquisition Reward

Players get different rewards depending on the number of ‘Songpyeon’ collected during the event. Once players complete Stage 5, the Accumulated Acquisition Completion number resets so players can start again from Stage 1 and get rewards. Players who receive the Accumulated Achievement Reward won't have thier owned Songpyeon disappear.

You can see the rewards below:

Rewards list.
Rewards list. Netmarble

You can learn more about the event here.

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