BTS World Original Soundtrack: Second Song “A Brand New Day” Released

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BTS World released the second song from their original soundtrack today. Titled “A Brand New Day," this electronic hip-hop song is performed by J-Hope and V. Aside from BTS, the song also features the Swedish pop star Zara Larsson.

Produced by Mura Masa, the release of the song will truly tug the hearts of the ARMY as it falls on the same week as the debut of BTS six years ago.

The unique beat of the song, coupled with the use of daegeum, a traditional Korean musical instrument, gives it that harmonious yet bold feel. In fact, it is the sound of the daegeum that opens the song. As a result, it has that trendy yet Korean sound to it. In terms of vocals, the excellent mix of East and West result in a perfect harmony.

Along with the release of the new song, BTS World also opened "Another Story." This is a segment where each BTS member appears as the main character. RM's story was opened June 10, while the story of Jin was opened two days later on June 12. Stories of the other members are expected to follow soon.

Going to the official BTS World website, the game intro is now live and can be played immediately. The minigame has the player find a dorm for BTS. The catch is that each member has his own preference, so the player needs to take that into consideration.

If that's not enough, BTS World is also giving a sneak peek of the text messaging players can perform with BTS. This is one of the main interactive content components of the game. Depending on how the players respond, the reaction of each BTS member can vary. However, what makes it exciting for fans is that the individual characteristics of the members can be seen with how each of them reacts.

It was only last week when BTS World released the first song from its OST. Titled "Dream Glow," it is sung by Jin, Jimin, and Jung, and features Charli XCX.

The BTS World OST is expected to be released on June 28, while the game itself will be launched on June 25. The game is available for both iOS and Android.

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