Bloons TD Battles: Update 6.13 Adds a New Map and Balancing Changes

Bloons TD Battles
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A new update for Bloons TD Battles is here. Update 6.13 adds a new map and some balancing changes.

New Map

An ancient temple turned into a battleground, “In Ruins” is the latest map in the game. It has a broken monkey statue on both sides and Bloons will spawn at the bottom corner of the screen. You can utilize the middle portions of the map to set your towers up.

Balance Changes

The Ninja Monkey, a relatively fast-firing tower that deals moderate damage, has received some buffs. Its Flash Bomb has its price decreased from $2,750 to $2,200. On top of that, Sabotage Supply Lines has improved in that Flash Bomb damage is increased to two and its stun duration increased to 1.8 seconds.

A tower that can learn new spells and cast them in addition to the old ones, the Monkey Apprentice has also obtained some buffs. Its Tempest Tornado now costs only $4,200 and now blows lead Bloons back.

The Monkey Ace is quite a potent, military-class tower that fires darts circling around itself. In this update, its “Neva Miss” has received some improvements. Its Seek Angle is increased to 360, its projectile lifespan is increased to 650, and its cooldown time is reduced to just 1.2 seconds.

Update 6.13 Changelog

  • New map: In Ruins! An ancient temple turns into a battleground as you take the fight to an all-new map.
  • Only clan members who contributed keys or hero bonuses can claim rewards from the clan warchest
Ninja Monkey
  • x-3 Flash Bomb: $2750 reduced to $2200
  • x-4 Sabotage Sup Lines:
    • Flash Bomb damage increased to 2
    • Flash Bomb stun duration increased to 1.8 seconds
Ice Tower
  • 4-x Viral Frost: now strips camo
Monkey Village
  • x-2 Radar Scanner: Now Costs $1600
Monkey Sub
  • x-3 Ballistic Missiles: Price reduced to $1750
Monkey Apprentice
  • 4-x Tempest Tornado:
    • Price reduced to $4200
    • Now blows back lead Bloons
Sniper Monkey
  • 3-x Deadly Precision:
    • Price reduced to $2000
    • Damage increased to 30
    • remove multilayer damage (moab-class only)
Monkey Ace
  • 3-x Neva-Miss:
    • seek angle increased to 360
    • projectile lifespan increased to 650
    • cooldown time reduced to 1.2 seconds
Mortar Tower
  • x-2 Burny Stuff: Price increased to $750
  • x-3 Signal Flare: Price reduced to $550
  • x-3 Triple Barrel: Price reduced to $1800
  • 1-x Wired Funds: cash per round reduced to $70
  • Tower Blindness: reduced range to 55%
  • Cash Inject: cooldown reduced to 15 seconds
  • Fix issues with Sabotage Supply Lines (x-4 Ninja Monkey ability) causing the slow to be incorrectly applied
  • Fix bug allowing profit to be made when selling a tower placed whilst opponent has Price Gouge active

Bloons TD Battles Update 6.13 is now available on Android and iOS.

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