Bloons TD Battles Update 6.9 New Map, Sandbox Mode, And More

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Ninja Kiwi, the developer of Bloons TD Battles, released a new update that brings a new map and game mode. The new map is called Glacier Melt and is played on a small part of the broken ice.

The most interesting part of the update is the sandbox mode. This allows players to test random strategies for the match. Players get unlimited lives to try different plans. Plus, all bloons are free no matter what the progress is. To access the sandbox mode, head to the battle school menu.

Using in-game currency can unlock some new rewards like the Black Ruby Chest and a container with 300,000 medallions.

Bloons TD Battles Update 6.9


  • Cobra
    • 2-x cobra cost increased from $550 to $650
  • Engineer
    • x-2 engineer cost reduced from $475 to $200
    • Engineer sentries are now allowed to overlap other towers.
    • 4-x engineer (bloon trap) cash bonus reduced from 1.8 to 1.3
    • x-3 engineer speed boost increased to 50% for both the engineer and the sentry towers. (sentry was 40% and the tower was 30%)
  • Spike Factory
    • 3-x cost reduced from $2200 to $2000
    • x-3 cost reduced from $3000 to $2700
    • x-4 spike storm cooldown reduced from 40s to 30s
    • 4-x fixed an issue with the collision size of the mines
    • 4-x explosion from mines will now apply 5 layers of multi-layer damage in addition to applying the burning effect.
    • 4-x mine explosion size now matches the 0-0 mortar (86.25 from 60)
  • Monkey Apprentice
    • Base cost reduced from $550 to $500
    • X-1 upgrade cost increased to $250 from $200.
  • Super Monkey
    • x-4 cost reduced from $25,000 to $20,000
    • 1-x pierce increase now applies to the x-4 weapons.
  • Bloonchipper
    • 4-x cost reduced from $5500 to $5000
    • x-3 cost reduced from $3000 to $2000
    • x-3 capacity increased to 36 (from 12).
  • Dartling Gun
    • 4-x cost reduced from $55,000 to $50,000
    • x-3 cost reduced from $7000 to $6500
  • Sniper
    • x-4 sniper attack cooldown reduced to 0.14 (from 0.26)
    • x-4 supply drop cooldown reduced to 30s from 60s. Cash increased to a random value between 1500 and 2000 (from 500-1500).
  • Ice Monkey
    • 4-x upgrade now grants camo detection in addition to the weapon upgrade.


  • Super Eco Boost
    • Income boost changed to 8x round number (from 10x)
  • Improved Eco Boost
    • Income boost changed to 7x round number (from 8x)
  • Damage Boost
    • Duration reduced to 15s from 18s
  • Glue Storm
    • Limited to 2 uses from 3
  • Eco Choke
    • Duration reduced to 4s from 7s
    • Uses increased to 3 from 2.
  • Camo Regrow Efficiency
    • Camo and regen upgrades are reduced by 40% (from 25%)
  • Quick Shot
    • Duration reduced to 20s (from 40s)
  • Road Spikes
    • Better Bundles 30 spikes (from 23)
    • Even Better Bundles 40 spikes ( from 25)
    • Best Bundles 50 spikes (from 30)
  • Team Tower Stun
    • Stun no longer applies to newly spawned towers.
  • Shield
    • Increased to 200 RBE from 150.

You can read more about the patch notes over here.

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