Bloons TD 6: Update 27.0 Adds Boss Bloons, Paragon Towers, and More

Bloons TD 6 Update 27
Bloons TD 6 Update 27 Steam

A new major update has just dropped for Bloons TD 6 that introduces Boss Bloons, Paragon Towers, and many other exciting features.

Boss Bloon Event

One big addition in Update 27.0 is the introduction of Boss Bloons via weekly events.

Boss Bloons will appear on different maps to increase the variety of tactical decisions. They will start appearing at Round 40 with the Tier 5 Boss appearing at Round 120.

Keep in mind that bosses should be defeated within 20 rounds after appearing on the map. Otherwise, it is game over for you.

There are two types of boss enemies that you need to be aware of. Tier 5 Normal Boss comes first and you must defeat it to unlock the Elite Boss. Take caution, however, since the latter is "bonkers monkey tough."

Upon defeating the Elite Boss, you will be awarded an elite badge. You can show this off and wear it with pride.

It should go without saying that fighting bosses is a difficult endeavor. In fact, suffering defeat from time to time is expected. Just make sure that every time you’re defeated, try different strategies to increase your chances of winning. Do not worry, a checkpoint save will be created at the beginning of every boss tier. This is comforting to know since you do not have to do it all over again if you lose to one of the more difficult bosses.

Paragon Towers

The update also adds Paragon status to Boomerang Monkey and Dart Monkey, thereby unlocking the Glaive Dominus and Apex Plasma Master, respectively.

You will have the power to merge all three Tier 5 upgrades to a Monkey Tower so that you can create a version that not only deals incredible bonus damage to Boss Bloons but also unlocks all powers of the three paths.

Because Paragon Towers hold incredible powers, they require a significant XP cost. So, you must have a sound plan when deploying your Paragon Towers.

What makes these towers special is that Paragons can absorb the power of all Monkey Towers of the same type, so long as they are present on the battlefield. The higher the level of the Monkey Towers, the more powerful your Paragons will be.

Fear No Disconnects

Disconnecting from a multiplayer session sucks, especially in Bloons TD 6 where your resources will be spread evenly across your team.

In the new update, the disconnected players will be given a chance to rejoin their sessions for a brief period.

However, the remaining players may decide to proceed with the game by using the appropriate options in the co-op menu.

Take note that this feature may not work well if there are multiple players who are disconnected at the same time.

Bloons TD 6 Update 27.0 is a massive content update, so if you want to learn more about it, you can head over to Steam for more information.

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