Bloons TD 6 Welcomes New Hero in Update v24.0

See what new things are coming to the game.
See what new things are coming to the game. Ninja Kiwi

Bloons TD 6 got an update that introduced a new melee hero. There are also some new Trophy Store items along with a new intermediate map balance. Update v24.0 also sees the return of the Golden Bloon.

New Hero

Let’s start with the new melee hero, Sauda the Swordmaster. With this hero, players get the chance to hack, slash, and slice their way for the win. According to the dev team, the concept for this new hero has actually been around for some years now. With the release, the dev team hopes that players finally get to enjoy what they’ve long been requesting.

Golden Bloon

As mentioned, the Golden Bloon is making a comeback. For each difficulty, there will be a map that contains an extra Golden Bloon every 10 rounds. While these Golden Bloons are rather tricky to pop, they won’t cost any lives. However, popping them successfully rewards a small monkey money bonus.

The dev team shared they’ve long wanted to add this feature to the game. It was added in Bloons TD 5 and Bloons Super Monkey 2. For Bloons TD 6, they said that some elements in previous games were used and made them even better.

New Trophy Store Items

Several new items are introduced to the game. These are:

  • Heroes:
    • Benjamin Matrix Placement
  • Monkeys:
    • Ninja kiwi ninja pets for Ninja Kiwi fans
  • Bloons:
    • Flowers Pop FX
  • Co-op:
    • Dancing Monkey emote
    • Blooming Flowers emote
  • Game and UI:
    • 3 Community designed Competition Avatars
      • u/mutamarkl: Tack Monkey
      • u/Kuzuyku: Powerful Sentai
      • u/Concilliabule: Intense Wizard

Key Features

Update v24.0 also made changes to some key features. For example, the experience reduction for those who continue to freeplay is now 70% instead of 90%. But rounds that are beyond 100 continue with a 90% reduction. The dev team revealed that since many players are enjoying freeplay, the round up to 100 need to have the additional XP value.

Another change is that some of the last few Bloons that can cause a player to lose in any game are now displayed on the defeat screen. The dev team said that they hope it should help both new and veteran players.

Read the complete patch notes here.

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