See What’s Coming in the Bless Unleashed Spring Update

A big update is coming.
A big update is coming. Bandai Namco

Bless Unleashed finally revealed details of its upcoming Spring Update and it’s a lot. The update's new content features multiple fresh stuff like new quests, new dungeons, and a new ancient weapon. Players can also look forward to some events along with the usual QoL changes. The Spring Update arrives March 11.

New Content

Let’s start with the new things that players can expect. These are:

  • New Quests:
    • New Side Story quests that involve Orfina, Delila Bendelak, Krista, and Mokoro.
    • New Dungeon Guide quests.
    • New Regional quests.
  • New Ancient Weapon quests:
    • A total of 15 new quests were added.
  • Upgrade and unlock quests are created for each class.
  • New Dungeons:
    • New Arena: Black Disaster Under the Sand.
    • New Abyssal Dungeon: Rutus Mines - Depths of Corruption.

Introducing the Ancient Weapon

Once the Spring Update arrives, it’s introducing what’s known as an Ancient Weapon. This is a weapon that gradually progresses through upgrading and unlocking stages. These improvements can be done through the Ancient Weapon quests.

A fully unlocked Ancient Weapon is an S-rank item that includes new effects, which have never existed before. These include the double option and option effect as well as Rainbow Runes.

Furthermore, when a weapon has been successfully unlocked, the weapon's appearance changes and a special animation plays.

Take on New Events

These are the new events you should join when the update arrives:

  • Timed Dungeon content:
    • Each week, the dungeons that can be entered on a particular day of the week are determined based on the Difficulty level. One can obtain materials and epic/legendary embers required to obtain Ancient Weapons.
  • Matchmaking:
    • Can enter the dungeon from the Timed Dungeon tab.
    • Rewards can be received once a week for each dungeon.
  • Fishing Competition content:
    • The fishing Competition starts every Monday.
    • The fishing competition begins again each week.
    • Users are given a rank according to whoever catches the largest fish from among the eligible fishes.
    • Rank rewards are given to those ranked 1 to 20.
    • Users who participated in the competition are rewarded with participation rewards according to the size of the fish caught from among the eligible fishes.

New to Guilds

There are also changes arriving in the Guild. One of these is the Guild Depot function and features the following:

  • Supply guild members with specific items using Guild Gold or Master Tokens.
  • To recharge each depot's items, the guild grade requirement needs to be met.
  • All guild members can use Guild Contribution Point to receive items recharged at the depot.
  • The number of times one may obtain from the recharged supplies is limited per month/week/day.

Read all about this major update here.

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