Bless Unleashed Gives More Details on Upcoming Spring Update

See what new features are arriving.
See what new features are arriving. Bandai Namco

Last week, Bless Unleashed announced that it was working on a new update. The Spring Update is set to offer a lot of new content to the game. Today, we take a look into two new additions: the Fishing Competition and the new Quest Pathing System.

Before we continue, the last major update that arrived in the game was The Spear of Salvation Update. This is actually the update that introduced the Fishing System. You can read more about it here or watch the video below:

Make the Best Catch

Bless Unleashed revealed that the Fishing Competition system is an exciting new entry to the game. It offers weekly and regional competitions that have difficulties, which meet the player's skill level.

Weekly competitions are divided into groups that each needed players to catch a specific species of fish. There are two events for small and medium species, all aimed at beginners, while an event is set for medium and large species excellent for intermediate fishers. For the professional fishers out there, there’s only one competition where players need to catch large species.

Competitions start at 12:00 MN (EST) and it may be a bit early but it’s for those who want to get ahead of the competition. To be part of the competition, players need to catch a fish that meets the size required or larger. Also, players simply need to catch a qualifying fish and they’re immediately part of the competition.

New Quest Pathing System

This Quest Pathing System is a new feature that’s set to be beneficial to new players or those who continue to struggle and find their way in the game. The new system gives players a guided path to the next quest location. This makes sure that players don’t get lost or wander too far away from their objective. Of course, those who want to find their own way can always disable the system. The new Quest Pathing System can be turned off and on in the Quest Log.

So, what do you think about these new features? Do they make waiting for the update more exciting?

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