Bless Unleashed Introduces Guild Depots in Upcoming Update

Good news for Guilds.
Good news for Guilds. Round 8 Studios

By now, Bless Unleashed players are aware that the Spring Update is arriving soon. Then again, the game has been giving multiple updates to the community. The latest one features a new system that has something to do with Guilds. This new system is known as the Guild Depot and aims to help players make sure that the guild is stocked with its important supplies.

Guild Depots

Once it goes live, the Guild Depot is accessible through the guild tab on the World Map. With this, players can store a selection of items in this depot by using Guild Gold. Guild Veterans, in particular, can set rules on the depot like what rank members need to be to claim items or how many.

In general, guild members can access the Depot’s store through the Guild Contribution and thus ensure that it’s always stocked with useful items. Additionally, the update includes Guild Trials where guild members can unlock different Guild Benefits.

There’s also going to be various items in the Depot that players can find once they’re out for work. These include extra Abyssal and Sealed Chest Keys, Embers of Paetion, and even Indulgence, to name a few.

The Guild Depots are but one of the many features arriving with the Spring Update. Previously, Bless Unleashed revealed the fishing competition that players can join. Then, there’s also the Quest Pathing System that hopes to help players, especially new ones, find the next quest location. Read more about them here.

PS4 Bundles

Last week, Bless Unleashed introduced two Season 1 Bless Pass Bundles exclusive for PS4 players. Don’t take too long to decide since the offer is available until February 11. The bundles are:

  • Blue Buffalo Bundle
    • Price: 6,000 Lumena
    • Contains:
      • 1x Blue Buffalo mount
      • 10x Recovery Scroll
      • 1x Marketplace Fee Discount Ticket (30 days)
  • Bunnisher Costume Bundle
    • Price: 6,500 Lumena
    • Contains:
      • 1x Bunnisher costume
      • 1x Bunnisher Mask
      • 10x Recovery Scroll
      • 1x Basic Star Seed Booster (30 days)

Speaking about the PlayStation, there’s also the PS Plus Pack which is available until March 17. The pack offers:

  • Aethervolt Charger Mount
  • Valor Perks (30-days)
  • Bless Pass Tier Upgrade Ticket

These are indeed exciting times for Bless Unleashed players.

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