Black Ops 4 Operation Dark Divide Is Now Out For PS4

Choose your side.
Choose your side. Treyarch

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 released Operation Dark Divide for PS4. This latest operation brings out the heroes and villains in the Specialist. Included as well in this Operation is the "Tag Der Toten," the final chapter in the Zombies Aether story, and a new Blackout game mode.

New Maps

In Multiplayer, especially as part of the new Black Ops Pass, two new maps are introduced. These are:

  • Lair
    • Superhero and supervillain Specialists have landed on the volcanic island that “Arkadeus” calls home.
    • Here in the island, this evil organization has almost finished its death laser.
      • You can stop Arkadeus or use the laser for your own deadly purposes.
    • The map takes place mainly indoors.
      • Players can fight around a getaway chopper or swim into the complex past a luxurious yacht.
    • The center of the map houses the death laser surrounded by a moat and a continuous circular lane for agile engagements on the move.
      • Its most unique feature is a singular power position that can only be accessed through:
        • two functional elevators
        • Ruin's Grapple Gun
  • Launch
    • This reimagined map brings Specialists to the site of a classic fight of good versus evil.
    • The Specialists land at a Soviet base in order to stop a nuclear missile from launching.
    • The map's most contested center is located at the top of two converging inclines. In the center lane is a long hump that allows players to:
      • make decisions on which lanes to attack
      • mantle up the gantry for vertical gameplay
      • find and eliminate players in power positions along the southern side
    • There is also the northern path where the missile to be launched is located.
      • Be careful as players caught in the blast radius are sure to die.
      • Players who want to avoid the liftoff need to go through the winding stairwells on either side of the missile but must be prepared for intense close quarters combat.

New Zombies Experience

As mentioned, released with this new update is the "Tag Der Toten" experience for zombies. Like with the new maps, this needs the Black Ops Pass. This storyline is more than a decade in the making and serves as the final chapter in the Zombies Aether adventure.

In this story, the Victis Crew has been transported to a frozen Siberian wasteland. They need to fight against the undead threat at the site of Group 935’s twisted experiments as secret of the Aether story are slowly revealed. Not to worry though, as they get help through a mysterious character from the lighthouse.

New Blackout Map

While the main Blackout Map appears looks to have returned everything to normal, this is all a prelude to "Heavy Metal Heroes." This new limited-time game mode offers players a comic book aesthetic. The emphasis is on vehicle combat and heroics to get the win. Drop in the game with a loadout complete with not only a weapon, but also body armor. Get to fight while riding an ARAV, Motorcycle, Attack Chopper, or even a Tank, to name a few. The Tank in particular can support two players with one being a driver and the other a gunner. If you're having a hard time getting a vehicle, look for Flare Guns. Firing them lets you call in an aircraft to airdrop one of these armored assault vehicles on your position.

You can learn more about Operation Dark Divide here.

Operation Dark Divide is set to be released to other consoles soon.

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