Biomutant Patch 1.5 Doubles Level Cap, Brings QoL Features

A new 10-minute gameplay trailer for Biomutant has been released.
A new 10-minute gameplay trailer for Biomutant has been released. THQ Nordic

Biomutant may have received a lukewarm reception but that won’t stop its developer from improving it. Experiment 101 released Patch 1.5 on PC and PlayStation 4 and it adds new features, loot tweaks, increased level cap, and bug fixes. The Xbox version of the update will go live this week.

The level cap of the game is increased to 100 from the previous 50. On PC, a new “Field of View Type” setting has been added, which allows players to change between vertical and horizontal FOV. The game will no longer crash when it temporarily loses contact with the GPU. Menus now work correctly on PS4 when Enter and Back buttons are swapped.

We have highlighted other changes from the update below:

  • Added more superb loot variations.
  • Added higher-tier relic and legendary weapon parts that will start dropping at level 50.
  • Updated loot generation to provide more variation and fewer duplicate items.
  • Added scrap action to loot screen.
  • Added settings for hiding or showing head items.
  • Increased damage of later tribe weapons to better fit player level and gear.
  • Removed addon slots from special gear that can't be scrapped, lost, or crafted with.
  • Added “HUD > Mode” setting where it’s possible to select either “ALWAYS SHOW” or “DYNAMIC.” Selecting the “DYNAMIC” option hides the persistent UI elements after a while outside combat. When “DYNAMIC” is selected the player can open either menu or quick menu for the UI elements to show up temporarily. By default, the old “ALWAYS SHOW” behavior is selected.
  • Added “Quick Menu Toggle” accessibility setting. When enabled the player isn’t required to hold down the corresponding input to open the quick menus in order to e.g. use a consumable or swap weapons. Instead, the quick menus will open and close by tapping the corresponding button.
  • Added optional Lock-on targeting for melee combat.
  • Added attack animation-canceling to certain moves by using dodge.
  • Added ability for smaller enemies to throw rocks at the player when mounted.

As mentioned above, the patch fixed several bugs as well. You can read about them in great detail at THQ Nordic.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Or have you already stopped playing Biomutant? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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