The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Update 1.7.7 Nerfs Echo Chamber and D1

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Steam

The Binding of Isaac has recently received the “Repentance” patch, which nerfed some notable things, like the Echo Chamber and the D1. Update 1.7.7 also added more room layouts and gameplay improvements

Major Nerfs

The D1, for the uninitiated, is a type of die that previously doesn’t reroll anything. It just straight up duplicates the item you pick up. But the recent update changed that as it may now produce a random copy. This isn’t a major deal for some though, as there is a chance that the new item generated will be much better than the original.

However, the same thing cannot be said for the Echo Chamber, which did receive the biggest nerf. Back then, it copies all cards, pills, or runes that Isaac previously used. Now, it only copies the last three of those things after picking up the Echo Chamber.

Buffed Items

Technology 2 received a notable improvement. It now works with Familiars that can replicate your attack. An example of this is the Incubus.

Yuck Heart has its cooldown reduced to four and the Wiggle Worm’s “tears up” now scales with your trinket multipliers.

Update 1.7.7 Highlights

  • Tainted Cain can now pick up items normally in the Genesis room
  • Strawman, Found Soul, Soul of the Forgotten, and Soul of Jacob and Esau now always match their speed to their owner's
  • Isaac's Heart now grants its effects to Tainted Forgotten's soul instead of Tainted Forgotten himself
  • Ipecac + Hemoptysis no longer deals damage to players
  • Tainted Moles can no longer be champions
  • Increased the armor strength of Tainted Round Worm to 30 (from 12)
  • Reduced the health of Tainted Mulligan to 100 (from 120)
  • Reduced the health of Flesh Death Head to 30 (from 50)
  • Added Dead Tooth and Monstro's Tooth to Bumbino's special drop pool
  • The creep pool spawned by Free Lemonade now deals more damage and lasts twice as long
  • Fixed Tainted Lazarus' hologram taking damage from the lava in the Beast fight
  • Fixed Tainted Lazarus' hologram being affected by poison clouds and Dogma's Godhead shots
  • Fixed a crash caused by using Hemoptysis right as the effects of Berserk end
  • Fixed secret shops and angel shops not generating in the Red Redemption challenge, crashing the game if entered
  • Fixed red chests in the Genesis room still teleporting the player to the Devil room
  • Fixed familiars not storing their RNG seed properly when saved and restored (this could cause bag familiars to keep dropping the same reward as Tainted Lazarus)

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official Steam page.

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