The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Update v1.7.5 New Visual Changes, Bug Fixes

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth received an update that introduced new visual changes and bug fixes. Before, some Tainted characters did not have a description. In this update, the developers have added a description to all characters that were missing a description. This addition is good to help new players find more details about their characters.

Additionally, the developers fixed some issues with teleport animations in co-op causing the player to become non-solid if another player leaves the room and interrupts the animation.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Update v1.7.5

New Additions
  • Added 3 new items to the boss and chest pools: Glass Eye, Stye, and Mom's Ring
  • C Section is now functional and obtainable after being unlocked
  • Bag of Crafting, Flip, and Sumptorium can now be found by all characters after being unlocked
  • Added a Birthright effect to all the characters that were missing one
  • Added new level transition/VS screen graphics for Tainted Eden
  • Added unique starting room graphics for every character
  • Added 200+ new room layouts
Visual Changes
  • The Lost's health is now visible in the HUD
  • Holy Mantle is now visible next to the player's hearts in the HUD when active
  • Updated sprites for Tainted Lazarus
  • Updated sprites for The Thing, Null, Begotten, Evil Twin, Clot, Blue Boil, and Dukie
  • Updated sprite for Converter
  • Fixed The Visage's attacks to use a consistent red color scheme
  • Added unique item costumes to Tainted Lilith's fetus
  • Slightly tweaked the color of the Womb to be easier on the eyes
  • Techstone (Tech+Brimstone) lasers now have a large and giant variant similar to Brimstone lasers
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing crawlspaces to always lead to the Error room even when they should lead to a black market
  • Fixed TMTRAINER replacing important progression items
  • Fixed Soul Locket not granting stat ups when picking up soul hearts as the Lost
  • Fixed Dream Catcher showing incorrect items and bosses on certain levels (such as Greed Mode levels and the Void)
  • Fixed Decap Attack being usable while Isaac's head is in mid air
  • Fixed Recall causing the Forgotten's body to hover in the air with Car Battery
  • Fixed an exploit with the Forgotten which allowed taking infinite items from the Death Certificate area
  • Fixed Lil Abaddon not scaling with BFFs
  • Fixed Brimstone dealing one less damage tick than intended
  • Fixed several orbitals doing less contact damage than intended
  • Fixed invisible mirrors and devil room doors which could appear along walls where a door should not be present
  • Fixed Ludovico tears periodically getting destroyed in sidescrolling sections

You can read more about the update here.

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