Ben 10 Joins The Fight In Brawlhalla And Brings Along Some Friends

Can the Omnitrix keep up?
Can the Omnitrix keep up? Blue Mammoth Games

Brawlhalla is known for its interesting crossovers, so guess who’s joining the fight this time around? It’s none other than everyone’s favorite Omnitrix wearing hero Ben Tennyson, also known as Ben 10. Of course Ben won’t be joining the fight alone as he brings with him Four Arms, Diamondhead, and Heatblast. Then there’s also Vilgax, though he mainly appears as a KO Effect.

There’s no question that these Ben 10 fighters are sure to stir things up as they join the fight. These are the different features that players can expect:

  • Epic Crossover
    • Four Arms
      • Mirror the abilities of Kor.
      • Uses the environment to crush his enemies.
    • Diamondhead
      • Mirror the abilities of Caspian.
      • Cuts through competition using crystal shards and spiked balls.
    • Heatblast
      • Mirror the abilities of Ada.
      • Scorches opponents using Blazing Fire.
  • KO Effect
    • Features Vilgax rising from the depths and fire laser beams at opponents before bringing them down with his tentacle arms.
  • Podium
    • Allow Legends to stand on the Omnitrix.
    • Features a green glow during selection and offers sound effect upon confirmation.
  • Other features
    • Daily login bonus of 250 Gold
    • Free-for-All Map: Galvan Prime
    • 1v1 Map: Small Galvan Prime
    • Ben 10-themed Takeover

Still on the Ben 10 Crossover, there’s also going to be a new Game Mode and Brawl of the Week titled Morph. In this 1v1 battle, players get to experience three stock transforming battles. Players can choose a weapon from three of their favorite Legends. After that they can then activate their powers like the Omnitrix by simply using the throw button and morph into different Legends. The first player to get three KOs wins.

It’s not all Ben 10 though, as there are also a bunch of new things arriving. The first is the Legend Rotation which includes Lucien, Vector, Koji, Thor, Onyx, Jhala, Brynn, and Nix. The other changes are:

  • Game Improvements
    • User Interface
      • When changing servers, the region icons have been updated in the UI to better geographical location. US-East is now Ohio and Europe has been moved to Frankfurt.
    • Power Rankings
      • Power Rankings have been updated for Spring 2020.
    • Sound
      • While in “practice” mode searching for a matchmaking game, the music from the Legend Select Screen will continue playing until a match is found.
    • Animation
      • Adjusted character select animation duration for Cassidy, Ada, Lucien, Barazza, Isaiah, and Princess Bubblegum so that animated Blasters’ Weapon Skins display correctly.
      • Adjusted character select animation duration for Teros, Azoth, Ulgrim, Xull, and Sentinel so that animated Weapon Skins display correctly.
  • Bug Fixes
    • User Experience
      • PS4: Fixed a rare crash involving keyboards.
    • Animation
      • Fixed an issue where animated Blasters’ Weapon Skins wouldn’t animate during wall cling.
      • Fixed an issue where animated Blasters’ Weapon Skins wouldn’t animate during a ground pound.
      • Fixed some body part layering issues in the Flex Taunt.
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