Brawlhalla Brings Back Ghost Brawl

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Brawlhalla is bringing back the Ghost Brawl game mode in this week's update. We also take a look into the free-to-play Legend rotation this week. Then there’s also some updates on the in-game store.

Let's start with the Brawl of the Week. Ghost Brawl is where players go invisible when they don’t use any of their powers. However, once a power is used, or if a player has been invisible for too long, players become visible again. Here are the other details for Ghost Brawl:

  • 1v1
  • 3 Stocks
  • 200% Damage
  • Eight-minute timer

Legends Rotation

This week’s rotation offers players the chance to play eight characters for free. These are:

  • Brynn
    • This Valkyrie joins the first for the pure joy of being part of the competition.
    • Her skill with the Axe and Spear have resulted in her getting many victories.
  • Diana
    • She serves as the Commander looking over the hunters of the Order.
    • Her weapons of choice are the Bow and Blasters, which she has used to defeat various beasts and monsters.
  • Fait
    • She speaks to the stars and can see glimpses of the future.
    • She uses her Scythe and Orb to fight for good.
  • Isaiah
    • Major Isaiah Marshall commands the special forces of the OEL.
    • He makes use of Blasters and Cannon
    • He also has a drone and a cloaking device.
  • Kor
    • Blackguard Keep’s left platform mover joins the arena and brings with him his Gauntlets and Grappling Hammer.
  • Ragnir
    • Long considered the apex predator of Fangwild.
    • He joins the fight with his Katars and Axes to take on the other Legends.
  • Sir Roland
    • When it comes to the thirst for victory, no one has it greater than Sir Roland.
    • He brings down opponents using his Rocket Lance and Sword.
  • Val
    • An android and an assassin with quicker-than-light cognition and a terrifying strength.
    • With her Sword and Gauntlets, there’s no doubt she’s a force to be reckoned with.

For the in-game store, players can go to the Ranked Store tab and spend those hard-earned Glory. Mallhalla also rotates chests frequently so be sure to check that out as well. There are also new Sales items available.

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