The Brawlhalla Season One Battle Pass Is Here

The first ever Battle Pass is here.
The first ever Battle Pass is here. Blue Mammoth Games

Brawlhalla has officially released the Season One Battle Pass, the first ever in the game. With this, players can choose between two tracks and get the chance to unlock in-game rewards. Overall, players are given a total of 85 tiers to go through.

Three Types of Missions

The Battle Pass season is going to last for a total of 12 weeks, and each week players unlock new missions to complete and in turn progress with the pass. Speaking of progress, this is measured through Battle Gems. Each Battle Pass mission shows how many gems can be earned when finishing it.

Choose your mission.
Choose your mission. Blue Mammoth Games

There’s three types of missions where players can earn Battle Gems. These are Daily, Weekly, and Battle Point missions. For Daily and Weekly missions, these can be completed in all matchmade games with the exception for Brawl of the Week.

As the name implies, there’s a new daily mission every day and players can have as many as three Daily missions queued. However, players are given one chance per day to re-roll and replace one of the daily missions. Weekly missions, meanwhile, are unlocked every Wednesday and are available until the end of the season.

Finally, Battle Point missions are available until all 100 of them are complete. These are missions that can be completed in all matchmade games.

Two Tracks

There are two tracks players can choose from in order to go through all the tiers. Under the Battle Pass Free Track, players can unlock four Avatars, two Taunts, a sidekick, color rolls, and a weapon skin.

There is also the Gold Track available for $9.99. Under this track, players get extra goodies like Legend Skins, Petra Progression Skin, Progression Podium, KO Effect, Mammoth Coins, Loading Frame, and Battle Pass Boosters. The Gold Track also hands out an additional four missions each week.

Those who manage to reach and complete the final tier under the Gold Track will unlock Hattori’s Epic Skin.

Learn more about the Battle Pass here.

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