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Battletech: Urban Warfare
Battletech: Urban Warfare Harebrained Schemes

The latest Battletech expansion, Urban Warfare, is now available. Urban Warfare was officially released Wednesday and is priced at $19.99. This expansion is also available to all Battletech Season Pass holders.

Key features of this new expansion include:

  • Urban Combat
    • Street brawls introduce new tactical gameplay challenges as ‘Mech combat moves from wide-open natural landscapes to vast urban sprawls.
    • Every building in the new urban biome is fully destructible, so you’re never more than a few salvos away from a new line of sight, or the defensive cover of high-rise rubble.
    • New hazards like destroyed coolant exchanger buildings and broken electrical transformers that disrupt targeting will drastically change the battle as you go.
  • New Encounter
    • Attack and Defend is a challenging new mission type where your mercenaries must destroy an enemy’s base to stop a steady stream of attackers before they can overcome your forces and knock out your employer’s base.
  • Two New BattleMechs
    • The experimental Raven 1X sports an advanced electronic warfare package combining ECM and Active Probe systems into a lightweight component.
    • The Javelin is a compromise between speed and firepower, with close-range knockout power.
  • New Flashpoints
    • A wide variety of new branching short stories that link together mercenary missions, crew conversations, special events, critical choices, and rare bonus rewards.
    • The Flashpoints in Urban Warfare do not require the BATTLETECH: Flashpoint DLC to play.
  • Three New Enemy Vehicles
    • The Gallant Urban Assault Tank sports a variety of weapons to fight at all ranges with speed and agility.
    • The Packrat is a battlefield support vehicle equipped with a prototype version of ECM.
    • The Rotunda is a reconnaissance vehicle equipped with a prototype version of Active Probe.
  • Electronic Warfare
    • The return of these lost technologies will forever change the 31st century battlefield.
    • ‘Mechs equipped with Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) and nearby friendly units are obscured from enemy targeting systems, and immune to indirect fire.
    • Meanwhile, ‘Mechs equipped with Active Probe can reveal, locate, and target enemy units that would otherwise be hidden.

Urban Warfare is the second DLC after Flashpoint under the new Battletech Season Pass. The upcoming DLC Heavy Metal is scheduled for release in Winter of this year.

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