BattleTech: Urban Warfare Expansion Announced

Live out your wildest fantasies of causing as much destruction as possible.
BattleTech will be getting a new expansion in the form of Urban Warfare.
BattleTech will be getting a new expansion in the form of Urban Warfare. Paradox Interactive

A new expansion for BattleTech will let you live out your fantasies of destroying sprawling cities.

Paradox Interactive launched a new trailer for the latest expansion for their turn-based strategy title BattleTech. The expansion is called Urban Warfare, and with it comes packed with fully destructible environments.

City combat is expected to take center stage in this expansion, which introduces new street features like blocked line of sights, which should make every fight more tactical in nature. Collateral damage rules also apply, which can seem fun on paper, since you can basically bring down tons of rubble on your enemies, until you realize that you can lose your footing on top of buildings and be buried in the rubble yourself. The expansion also promises to add some more environmental damage, so expect to see tons of explosions via vehicle and fuel trucks, as well as the occasional flood brought about by exploding water lines.

Every building in the biome of BattleTech: Urban Warfare is expected to be fully destructible, too, so you’re always on the lookout for new defensive options or wary of an exposed flank. Electronic countermeasures (ECM) also make their appearance, which can help you and your teammates out in a jiffy by obscuring you from enemy targeting systems. The expansion features new ‘Mechs, some of which are equipped with the Active Probe technology, allowing you to reveal, locate and target enemy units that are otherwise hidden from sight.

The two new BattleMechs that have been announced are as follows:

  • Raven 1X – an experimental ‘Mech which carries advanced electronic warfare package, allowing you to use ECM tech as well as Active Probe systems in one lightweight component.
  • Javelin – a more traditional ‘Mech that compromises between speed and firepower, which is certainly useful for some skirmishes. It also sports close-range knockout power.

BattleTech: Urban Warfare also includes new flashpoints, which are branching stories that link together several missions, crew conversations, events, critical in-game choices and bonus rewards. It’s also expected to feature three new enemy vehicles in the form of the Gallant Urban Assault Tank, the Packrat and the Rotunda. Players can experience a new encounter in the form of Attack and Defend, a new mission type where your mercenaries must destroy your enemy’s base before their attackers can overcome you and destroy your employer’s base.

This expansion sounds like it will be chock-full of new and exciting features, and it should be on the wishlist of every avid BattleTech player. BattleTech: Urban Warfare is expected to release on June 4 for the PC, both on Steam and Paradox Plaza. It costs $19.99 and should come for free if you have purchased the season pass beforehand.

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