Battlefield 2042 Vehicles Will Have a Clearly Defined Loadout in Upcoming Update

Battlefield 2042 EA

DICE is set to deploy Update 5 for Battlefield 2042 tomorrow at 4 a.m. EST. The upcoming patch implements a rework to vehicle loadouts to ensure that ground vehicles have their combat roles clearly defined.

One of the biggest changes in Update 5 that pertains to vehicle loadouts is that explosives will no longer be an option for all Battlefield 2042 vehicles. The LATV4 Recon, currently the most popular vehicle, will no longer come with the 30mm, 50mm, and grenade launcher. Instead, these firearms will be replaced with anti-infantry weaponry.

The reason behind it is that the company wants to enforce LATV4 Recon's role as a transport vehicle. This actually makes sense because when you think about it, why would a transport vehicle have so much firepower if it's only meant to carry passengers from one point to another?

Here's a rundown of all of the vehicle loadout changes that you can expect in the upcoming patch:

  • LATV4 Recon
    • Removed: 50mm Cannon, 30mm Cannon, and Grenade Launcher
    • Added: Canister Shot, Minigun with Thermal vision, HMG with Thermal vision, and 20mm Flak
  • LCAA Hovercraft
    • Removed: TOW Missile from the passenger seat with these changes, to ensure that it further aligns this vehicle into its combat role. We feel that despite this item being skill based, a hovercraft should not have access to such a deadly item.
    • Added: LMG with Thermal vision, Minigun with Thermal Vision, and HMG with Thermal vision
  • EBAA Wildcat
    • Removed: 57mm cannon, Rocket weapon pod, Mortar Pod, and 40mm Volley pod
    • Added: 35mm Dual AA Cannons, Minigun with Thermal Vision, and HMG with Thermal vision
  • MAV:
    • Removed: Flak Pod
    • Added: Incendiary Grenade Launcher
  • M5C Bolte
    • Removed: 30mm Cannon
    • Moved: Repair System to Slot 1 from Slot 2
    • Moved: Missile Launcher to Slot 2 from Slot 1
    • Added: 50mm Cannon, Incendiary Grenade Launcher and Passenger Detection Pulse.
  • M1A5, T28 and EBLC-RAM:
    • Added: Minigun with Thermal Vision and HMG with Thermal Vision
    • Increased: Heatseeker Missile Damage to Air Transport Vehicles
Reworked Ground Vehicle Loadout EA

So, what can you say about the upcoming changes to ground vehicle loadouts in Battlefield 2042 Update 5?

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