Battlefield 2042: Update 4.1.0 Overhauls IBA Armor Plate for Being Too Effective

Update 4.1.0
Update 4.1.0 Twitter/@Battlefield

A substantial change has been made to the IBA Armor Plate in Battlefield 2042, following complaints that the said gadget is too effective in improving one’s survivability.

For those who don’t know, the IBA Armor Plate is a gadget in Battlefield 2042 that players can use to protect themselves from incoming damage. This thing can soak 20 damage before the player’s health gets depleted. Now, this may seem little but it can mean life or death, especially in 1v1 situations.

That said, the developers decided to overhaul the gadget in Update 4.1.0. Now, the IBA Armor Plate will only apply protection to the torso, meaning bullets that hit the other parts of the player’s body will directly reduce their HP.

According to the devs, this was in response to player feedback where armor plating was too effective. With this change, the developers are hoping that players are encouraged to prioritize hitting the other parts of the enemy’s body to eliminate them faster.

General and Gameplay Improvements
  • Increased XP earned and feedback when destroying an enemy EOD Bot
  • You now earn Objective Fortified XP for placing Gadgets such as Ammo Crates, Claymore Mines, etc. in a friendly objective area
  • You now earn Objective Revive XP when reviving a teammate inside an objective area in Breakthrough
  • Resolved an animation issue that would break while crawling in prone with a throwable gadget in hand
  • Fixed an issue that prevented grenades from being able to be thrown through a window on Renewal at E2
  • Fixed an issue that would cause inconsistent melee damage to occur when dragging the mouse in any direction just before the hit occurred
  • Meleeing an enemy who is on a ladder will now deal the same damage as the standard melee attack at a rate of 50 damage
  • Reduced the traversal sprint delay when barging through doors
  • You will now be able to barge through doors whilst sliding
  • Fixed an issue that would cause traversal sprint to become broken upon quickly exiting a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes result in sliding to gain unintended acceleration
  • Fixed an issue that caused a small amount of unwanted camera shake after performing a low vault
  • Smoothed out the animation of vaulting to reduce a popping sensation that occurs at the end
  • Improved the animations of the Recoilless M5 and G-84 TGM
  • The default weapon for Engineer has now moved from the DM7 towards the LCMG to appropriately synergize with the Weapon Proficiency

So, what can you say about the recent IBA Armor Plate overhaul in Battlefield 2042 Update 4.1.0?

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