Battlefield 2042: New Vault Weapons AEK 971, RPK-74M, and MP443 Added in Update 4.1.0

Update 4.1.0
Update 4.1.0 EA

DICE added three new vault weapons to Battlefield 2042, courtesy of the newly released Update 4.1.0.

New Vault Weapons

Battlefield 2042’s first major update for Season Four has brought some beloved weapons from previous Battlefield installments.

The first one on the list is the AEK 971 - a Russian-made, selective-fire assault rifle with a 30-round capacity and decent recoil. Those who want a relatively accurate and fast-firing gun can look into adding this weapon to their loadouts. Although it has burst-fire modes perfect for taking out targets at medium to long range, it’s best utilized with scopes so players can stay on their target.

AEK 971 Assault Rifle
AEK 971 Assault Rifle EA

The second vault weapon added to the game is the RPK-74M. This is the standard issue light machine gun commonly used by Russian Ground Forces. What makes this weapon interesting is having the fastest reload speed among all LMGs in the game. However, this comes at the cost of magazine capacity of only 45 rounds per clip. Still, players will just have to take cover for a few seconds and they will be back to the action.

RPK-74M Light Machine Gun
RPK-74M Light Machine Gun EA

And the last one of the bunch is the MP443. Battlefield 3 players will love using this Russian semi-automatic pistol because of its fast fire rate, good damage, and respectable magazine capacity. It might be small in size, but this thing packs a punch and can kill even the hardened specialists out there.

MP443 Semi-automatic Pistol
MP443 Semi-automatic Pistol EA

Weapon Changes and Fixes

Update 4.1.0 also implemented some much-needed weapon changes and bug fixes. For instance, sniper rifles now have a dispersion penalty while moving. This means that bullet spread will be higher, resulting in inaccurate shots when sniper rifles are fired on the move.

Here are the other changes:

  • Shooting with the RM68 will now display you on the minimap when using non-suppressor barrels
  • Kobra sight vertical crosshair no longer disappears during ADS when customized on SVD and Type 88 LMG
  • Fixed an issue where the reload SFX on the RPT-31 would not play as intended
  • Improved consistency of the VCAR weapon icon
  • Intended magazine size of 30 bullets is now shown for AC9 Subsonic in Collection tab
  • M240B now has the correct headshot multiplier of 2X
  • Fixed an issue that caused the wrong icon to appear in the Portal Web Builder for the AC9
  • Fixed an issue where dropped weapons would be difficult to pick up after a player died whilst they were prone
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong killcard information would be displayed after killing an enemy with any "Mass" underbarrel
  • Fixed an issue where the MTAR-21 briefly clips with the camera when aiming down sights in crouch after switching from the Smoke Grenade Launcher
  • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes get stuck in a melee attack loop while repeatedly pressing both melee attack and weapon fire at the same time

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.1.0 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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