Automobilista 2 V1.0.2.0 Update Adds New Cars, New Tracks

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Reiza Studios recently released a new update for Automobilista 2 which adds a ton of new content, including new cars, new tracks, and more. What's more exciting is that these cars will be available to everyone for free. This being a patch, there are also plenty of bug fixes and adjustments included as well. Some issues such as F-Trainer driver hands position in third person view were also addressed in the latest update.

Automobilista 2 V1.0.2.0 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • Added F-V10 Gen1 class
  • Added Lotus 49C, Brabham BT26A to F-Vintage Gen2 series
  • Released Silverstone Pack featuring 2020, 2001, 1991 & 1975 versions (DLC package)


  • Championship mode: Added Frontend standings table; Added race length scaling option; Added progress reset option; Fixed bug ensuring player vehicle respects championship configuration.
  • Added new track limit penalty system- no more slowdown penalties (except to give back positions), driver has a customizable number of track limit violations before being awarded a drive-thru penalty
  • Added penalty tolerance logic for when the cut occurs over grass/gravel or occurs after a contact with another vehicle
  • Decreased the distance in which a track limit violation invalidates the next lap
  • Track limit rules made standard for all racing sessions (whether single or multiplayer) for better consistency


  • Added Brazilian-PT localization (Beta)
  • Fixed some situations where Championship was incorrectly identified as a Career championship
  • Added UI Pit Strategy screens (access via Setup screen)
  • Added Vehicle List switch option to Vehicle Selection page.
  • Fixed Time Trial info unit still showing old style in Minimal mode
  • Multiplayer chatbox now logs all messages over the session
  • Removed the fade delay from "Give back Position" HUD message so it disappears instantly when position is returned


  • Reduced tire speed effects on adhesive friction for all slick tires
  • Increased longitudinal slip (and reduced understeer as a result) for f-Retro, F-Vintage, Opala 1986 tires
  • Adjusted F-Vintage Gen2 tire width, diameter & gear ratios to match new official cars
  • Reduced engine inertia on all MRX engines
  • Adjusted front splitter pitch sensitivity for prototypes, GTs
  • Minor aerodynamical revisions for AJR, Stock 2020
  • F-Ultimate: Adjusted ERS charging & deployment properties (higher throttle threshold, more charging from full brakes) to minimise chances of battery running out over 1st laps
  • Adjusted car body friction & restitution (slightly less jerky when coming into contact with other cars)
  • Fixed Copa Classic CTD from missing wet compound tire
  • Fixed Camaro SS 6th gear ratio


  • Removed all "artificial" AI functions affecting their behavior in racing situations (minimises unpredictable reactions)
  • First-lap decision making on 1st lap introduced in v1.0.1.0 now applies to all race laps
  • Fixed AI tendency to put wheels on the grass on straights for no apparent reason during lap 1
  • Added initial version AI defensive driving logic (very subtle on this release to minimise potential issues)
  • Further AI refinements to reduce likelihood of accidents on lap 1, including logic for AI to be more careful when rejoining the track after going off
  • Adjusted DRS activation speeds for AI for Sigma P1 & AJR cars equipped with the device
  • Minor AI Grip tuning for Cascais, Hockenheim
  • Improved pitlane merge to main path at Hockenheim GP / National


  • Super V8: Muted PitLimiter sound for now until further code adjustments


  • Hockenheim 2020: Slightly relaxed high frequency road surface noise for a less bouncy ride


  • Added F-Classic suspension animations & adjusted driver animations (all models)
  • Fixed F-Trainer driver hands position in 3rd person view
  • Stock Car Cruze 2020: Fixed chassis visual glitch
  • Camaro SS: Corrected mirror position
  • ARC Camaro - Fixed visual glitch on liveries 3,4,98,99
  • Puma P052: Corrected display RPM and Speed readings
  • Chevette: Windscreen reflection reduced
  • Stock Car Cruze, Corlla 2020: Added dynamic dirt & damage
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