Automobilista 2 Patch Notes Include HUD Changes And New Content

Automobilista 2
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Reiza Studios recently rolled out an update for Automobilista 2 which is available to download on Steam. In their recent patch, Reiza Studios implemented some changes to the HUD, AI and some vehicles changes. These changes make the gameplay more fleshed out. The update also includes some new content, making the game fresh.

Some of the fixes included car class icons missing. Reiza also separated leaderboard and race position in the HUD. The developer included some new designs to certain vehicles and collision mechanics as well. You can find the patch notes below:

Automobilista 2 Update Patch Notes


  • Added Puma P052 to GT5 class
  • Added new Jerez layout (no Senna chicane)


  • Added initial HUD Layout Editor (from OPTIONS -> EDIT HUD LAYOUT)
  • Added Initial telemetry HUD page
  • Fixed missing car class icons
  • Fixed class positions incorrectly displaying during single class/practice
  • Fixed Superkart/ Stock V8 mini class icons
  • Blocked lap timer incorrectly displaying in HUD 'off' variant
  • Disabled currently unused containers/elements
  • Created separate leaderboard and lap/position info HUD elements
  • Disabled leaderboard by default on 'light' HUD variant
  • Adjusted trackmap zoom mechanics & tweaked graphical elements
  • Revised start light HUD element
  • Adjusted text colour and border of player in HUD leaderboard
  • Added missing vehicle stats for MIT Lancer R & RS
  • Updated trackmaps for VIR (all configs), Snetterton (all configs), Velocitta (all configs), Jerez 2019; Added Missing track logo for Snetterton
  • Increased vehicle preview resolution


  • Updated FFB: Updated tyre scrub formula, road feel; added minimum force function (set to 1% in default profile); updated Low Force Boost curve
  • Reduced wheel contact factor in all open wheelers (reducing chances of cars launching into the air with relatively minor contact) & corrected mass of several independent detatchable parts
  • F-Classic G3M1: Fixed default gear ratio for 7-speed gearbox
  • F-Ultimate: Adjusted torque curve & throttle map for smoother power delivery
  • Minor tyre tread adjustments to F-Classic (all gens), Ultima GT, MCR 2000, MRX P4, F-3, MIT Lancer R & RS
  • Added TC / ABS to MIT Lancer R & RS when running Authentic driving aids
  • F-Classic (all gens): adjusted default front wing setting for better aero balance
  • Adjusted AI prudence when challenging human opponent
  • AI tweaks: Faster lateral reactions, Smoother brake application less performance range in throttle / brakes, faster brake application, less performance loss as AI driver loses stamina
  • AI performance callibration passes for all cars


  • Added alpha to coverage to all foliage shaders - improves quality, only works with MSAA
  • Jerez: Reworked wet track material and puddle mapping; fine tuned road blend textures and vertex alpha blending to improve some blending abnormalities
  • Oulton Park: Fixed pitwall collision bug
  • Night lighting updates for Cascavel, Velopark, Kansai, Goiania, Jerez, Imola, Imola 2001, Imola 1988


  • Copa Uno: Updated liveries (partial); Adjusted collision mesh
  • Super V8: Adjusted collision mesh; Updated Vertex AO; Added detachable parts from Damage
  • Gol Copa Classic: Added LODs & updated materials
  • F-Ultimate: Updated liveries with logos
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