Final Fantasy XI Online August Update Now Live

A lot of new content.
A lot of new content. Square Enix

The August update for Final Fantasy XI Online is finally out, bringing new content for The Voracious Resurgence storyline. There are a lot of campaigns and in-game events that players can join to earn special rewards.

The new content can be accessed through the WE ARE VANA’DIEL website. On this site, players and fans can also enjoy other content like an artwork gallery, developer commentary, and interviews. For this latest update, everyone can listen to the four-part interview with Hiromichi Tanaka and experience the debut of the “My Playlist” content.

Here are some of the highlights of this new update:

  • Voracious Resurgence Update
    • A malevolent force is coming and you need to protect the Aht Urhgan landscape.
  • ​New Ambuscade Content
    • Face the iconic sage Ramuh in a new challenge.
  • ​Sunbreeze Festival and Green Festival
    • From August 11 to August 31, there are shows and parties happening in various locations across Vana’diel that players can enter to get awards and items.
  • ​Bulk Up This Summer Campaign
    • Beginning August 12, new campaigns are available where players have the chance to earn double to triple the normal amount of chain experience and capacity points.
    • Expect to see some improvements to the stats and bonuses that help players level up their characters faster.
  • Summer Alter Ego Extravaganza
    • For the entire month of August, special alter ego ciphers are set to return for a limited time.
    • With this, players should be able to flesh out their rosters.
  • August Login Campaign
    • With this new login campaign, players have the chance to receive the rewards they may have missed for the months of May to July.
    • These include the likes of Red Raptor Mount, Silver Gun, and Leafkin Bed.
  • Return Home to Vana’diel
    • Players who took a break from the game and return during this promotion period get the August update for free.
    • The promotion starts on August 13 and runs through August 23.
    • Learn more about it here.
  • Discount Campaign
    • From August 13 to August 31, players can get the Vana'diel Collection 4 at a discounted price.
    • World Transfer Service is also available at reduced prices.
    • This is a good offer for those who want to join friends who play in different worlds.
    • Read more about the details of the Discount Campaign here.

Any thoughts on this update?

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