Final Fantasy XI Online Releases April Update

See what's coming this month.
See what's coming this month. Square Enix

Final Fantasy XI Online released its April update which renews the Voracious Resurgence Story storyline. It’s not just any story update since it features the third and final chapter of the San d’Oria story arc. With this, players can expect new surprises to uncover.

Like the previous months, the April update also has login campaigns. This should give players another chance to get equipment like Adenium Masque and Adenium Suit, the Wivre mount, and Mandragora Pot.

Plus, a Spring Battle Support Campaign will start from April 9 to April 30. Players get numerous bonuses that can help them in their journeys. These include bonus item drops and increased drop rates for select content and even an abjuration dial login campaign. Get to learn more about this campaign here.

Event Updates

To start the new story, players need to finish the Curilla Unleashed quest and talk with Halver in Chateau d’Oraguille (I-9).

The latest update makes these changes to the Records of Eminence:

  • The monthly Records of Eminence objectives have been swapped out.
  • New Deeds of Heroism rewards have been added.

Battle Update

Improvements have been made to the Ambuscade, which includes:

  • The foes in Normal and Intense Ambuscades have been swapped out.
  • Certain items obtainable in exchange for hallmarks have been swapped out.
  • Certain items obtainable for total hallmarks have been swapped out.
  • Certain items obtainable in exchange for badges of gallantry have been swapped out.
  • The HP of the monster Sombra Dragon has been decreased.
  • The damage reflection of the monster Sombra Dragon’s special ability Thornsong has been decreased.

That’s not all. With a new chapter arriving in The Voracious Resurgence, these features have been adjusted:

  • The drop rate of some existing items has been increased.
  • The respawn timer on the applicable monsters has been decreased.

New Features

The game is now offering players a new tool where they can find old friends. The FFXI Refriender helps players reunite with friends that they once had adventures with. There is also the new Assist Channel chat channel to help players connect to veterans to learn more about the game.

Read more about the April Update here.

Final Fantasy XI Online is a multiplayer RPG where players get to travel across Vana’diel and become the hero that the world needs.

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