Attack at Dawn: North Africa Game Update 1.211 Now Live

A lot of new features.
A lot of new features. Panzer Division Games

A new update for Attack at Dawn: North Africa is now live, introducing interesting changes to the game. For example, Update 1.211 now allows Campaign Saving, meaning players can now save and reload the campaign at any point during the game.

In addition to being able to save the campaign, this new update also adds the Restart functionality. It allows players to restart the scenario, whether it is still ongoing or after it has ended.

Another new feature that players are sure to love is the Planned Movement order. This one lets players give movement orders for a unit that can be executed later. It’s especially useful when commanding a large number of troops.

Fire Mode

Update 1.211 also introduces players to the Fire Mode feature. This gives players a choice on how and when their units attack the enemy. Each unit now has a Fire Mode, which can be changed through the Command Panel. The Fire Mode options are:

  • Default - Use Default Fire Mode
  • Fire Always - Fire at adjacent enemy unit (active enemy units first)
  • Fire Active - Fire at adjacent active enemy unit (only non-routed enemy units)
  • Hold Fire - Do not fire

By the way, the unit fire modes are shown through the tiny fire mode icons on unit counters. If a unit doesn’t have a fire mode icon, that means it’s in Default Fire Mode.


More notifications have been added, which give players more information on how the fight is progressing. New notifications include:

  • Unit surrendered
  • Unit destroyed
  • Air unit destroyed
  • Air unit damaged
  • Bridge built
  • Bridge removed
  • Minefield cleared
  • Unit routed
    • Turned off by default
    • Turn it on in Options
  • Unit no ammo
    • Turned off by default
    • Turn it on in Options
  • Unit no fuel
    • Turned off by default
    • Turn it on in Options

There’s also a new Notification Log or a panel that players open through a new button on the Minimap panel. This panel displays a scrollable notification log with all notifications until now. If the panel is closed, players get a standard Notification panel, which only shows the last three notifications for a limited time.

Notifications have also been added to the Options screen that allows players to choose which they want to be active. These notifications are turned off by default.

Learn more about what Update 1.211 has to offer here.

Attack at Dawn: North Africa is a World War II strategy game that combines the ease of real-time action with the depth of operational gameplay. The game is available on PC through Steam here.

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