Merge Kuya Island: New Update Introduces Volcanic Island

More fun!
More fun! Netmarble

The first ever update for the mobile game Merge Kuya Island is now live. Highlights include the introduction of a new island, a new mode, four new Kuya, and new resources.

The New Island

With the new update, players can now visit the new Volcanic Island, accessible to those who are at least Level 109. This new island also introduces "Burning Essence," which can purify the land tiles of the island. Burning Essence can be harvested from Volcanic Flowers.

Volcanic Flowers can be obtained through the "Fire Watchtower" ruin at regular intervals. It can also be obtained through “Burning Spore” and “Spilled Lava,” both located on the Volcanic Island.

A new resource that players can use is the "Brick Furnace." What it does is let players bake food resources and make Energy Pie. The pie can then be used in Adventure Mode. Players are sure to love the Share Box feature which allows them to share resources, Kuya, and ruins, across islands.

New Kuya

Four new Kuya are available in Carrot Kuya, Lily Kuya, Lemon Kuya, and Guava Kuya. Players can unlock Guava Noms, Carrot Noms, and Lemon Noms when a Spirit Keeper reaches the respective required levels.

Meanwhile, players can get Lily Noms at a fixed rate by merging Opal Mystery Noms or buying Creme Brulee Noms Box. For those wondering, the Opal Mystery Noms are obtained by purifying the burnt land tiles of the Volcanic Island or through the Purification Gifts by the Island Master.

In-Game Events

There's a new Hot Time Event players can join from August 20 to September 18. This in-game event is being launched in celebration of the new update.

Players can also join ongoing mission events based on their level. For example, those who manage to reach Level 10 can join the Kuya Family Photo Shoot event. Once players can collect Kuya for a mission, they earn 1,000 Gem; those who reach Level 65 have the chance to collect resources and Kuya to participate in Beach Photo Shoot! event and earn 900 Gem.

Learn more about the new update here. Merge Kuya Island is available on Android and iOS.

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