Apex Legends Shows Off New Olympus Map In Latest Trailer

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Yesterday, Respawn Entertainment confirmed that Season 7 for Apex Legends will also include a brand-new map called Olympus. Today, the developer released the Season 7 launch trailer, giving us a first look at the new map. From our first look, Olympus is no less than a work of wonder. Unlike Kings Canyon and World's Edge, Olympus is located high up in the skies.

Respawn did not fully reveal the map running in-game yet, which should be even more beautiful than what was shown in the animated trailer. However, the artistic version of the map also gives us some interesting information about what we can expect from Olympus.

The launch trailer for Season 7 also contains plenty of new gameplay details, including a look at a hover vehicle called the Trident. The Trident seems to be capable of carrying three players at a time. The vehicle also seems to be destroyable. In the trailer, fans can see Rampart using a shield-charged Sentinal sniper rifle to take out the vehicle.

Besides the new map and vehicle, the trailer also gave us a sneak peek at the new Legend Horizon and her abilities. It seems that the new Legend has some ability to manipulate gravity. She can be seen throwing a gravity mine/star, which flings opponents into the sky. She also has an ability that functions like a black hole, pulling everything into one point. However, there isn't much that we can understand from the artistic trailer. We should get a better idea of Horizon when Respawn releases an in-game trailer for the new Legend.

Fans seem to be very excited about the new season, with prominent YouTubers even calling this the "Rebirth" of Apex Legends. Season 7 Ascension kicks off on November 4, immediately after the conclusion of the ongoing Fright or Fight Halloween event.

Apex Legends is free-to-play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is also in development for Nintendo Switch.

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