Apex Legends Now on Nintendo Switch!

Now on a new platform.
Now on a new platform. Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is finally out for Nintendo Switch. This should give gamers worldwide a new kind of experience since they get to join the battle away from the usual screen. Switch players are also lucky enough because they can immediately join PC and console players in the Chaos Theory Collection Event.

To get Switch players started, they receive these goodies:

  • Legendary Pathfinder skin.
  • 30 free levels for the Season 8 Battle Pass.
  • double XP if they log in during the first two weeks after launch.

Apex Legends for Switch was made possible by Respawn Entertainment working in partnership with Panic Button. The Switch version makes use of the gyroscope aiming through the use of the platform's controllers. There are also smart optimizations that allow players to get 30 FPS at 720p resolution when docked or 576p resolution in handheld mode.

The game gets dedicated live service support as well as simultaneous content updates, limited-time modes, and in-game events, which are aligned across other supported platforms.

In a statement, Respawn Game Director Chad Grenier said in the two years since the game was launched, they have managed to continue pushing the battle royale genre forward. He added that the launch for Switch is just in time and they are excited to have more players suit up as their favorite Legend. He ended by saying there’s a lot of surprises coming this year.

The release on Switch comes just as the game is in its Season 8, dubbed as Mayhem. Mayhem includes several exciting changes to the map and new content like a new legend and new weapon.

Collection Event

As already mentioned, Apex Legends is holding the Chaos Theory Collection Event. The event started yesterday, March 9, and will run through March 23. There’s the Caustic Town Takeover, because why not right?

Of course, it won’t be a Collection Event without the unlockables. Like any event, a reward track lets players earn new cosmetics that include the legendary Kraber and EVA-8 weapon skins.

A total of 1,000 points can be earned per day with challenges refreshing daily. Stretch challenges are also available and reward four unique badges to those who finish them. Learn more about the event here.

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