Apex Legends Introducing Some Map Changes in Season 8

Time for some mayhem.
Time for some mayhem. Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is set to launch Season 8 on February 2 and it looks like everyone needs to prepare for a lot of MAYHEM. Players can expect certain visual changes to the Kings Canyon along with some new additions. Making it even better is that the different changes on the map weren’t done on a whim but part of a story.

The Crash Site

Everything starts with a ship that crashes in the North. The Crash Site has opened a previously unplayable part of the map. The smoke is still lingering and can be seen across Kings Canyon. Not only the new area itself is an excellent area for fights, but the ship is also just as interesting with different scaffolds and ramps, which can take part in gameplay.

Mobile Armories

Before we look at the other changes in the map, it’s important to note that when the ship crashed, it didn’t just bring destruction to Kings Canyon. The various Mobile Armories that were previously stored in the ship’s cargo bay have now been scattered across the map. Now while a security clearance is needed to open up these armories, it appears that a well-placed explosive can also do the trick. Opening up such cache gives players access to weapons, ammo, and even valuable attachments. It’s everything a team needs to get a significant advantage.

Spotted Lakes

Going back to the crash, it didn’t just open a new area for players to explore. The resulting destruction in the North has removed Slum Lakes, and instead, replaced by Spotted Lakes. They call it Spotted Lakes because of the unusual spots found in the waters. A closer look will show you that they've been contaminated by the leaking fuel of the crashed ship. The central landing spot of this area is the Dam, divided into two sides: east and west.

There are also the tent structures, which provides for some good close quarter combat. Then, there’s the presence of ziplines that not only allow for quick repositioning to the tops of the tents but also take players to the crash site.

Uncovered Bones

During the crash, it wasn’t only the Slum Lakes affected. Part of the mountainside has been destroyed that revealed a new pathway. This new path allows for easy access to the Runoff area. That’s not all as it has also uncovered the bones of an ancient Leviathan, making it a more scenic route.

Observation Towers

The effects of the crash has the Ecological Cleanup and Hazard Outreach (ECHO) arriving in the area to clean up the mess. Four towers can be seen in Echo Camps. These structures can be raised to make it into an observation tower and give a better view of the surrounding area. Although it does reveal the position of the player, it offers an excellent vantage point for a sniper.

These are more changes coming to Kings Canyon when Season 8 arrives. You can read more about the details here. So, what did you think about the changes to the map?

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