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Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Respawn Entertainment

Let’s start by greeting Apex Legends Happy Birthday! That’s right, it’s been two years since the game was first released. What better way to celebrate this event than with a special Anniversary Collection Event? Players can also see the return of the Locked and Loaded as a playlist Takeover. There are, of course, free rewards from celebrating the anniversary.

The good news is that there’s time to prepare since the event starts February 9 and runs through February 23.

Locked and Loaded Takeover

Locked and Loaded joins the normal Play Apex playlist and this Takeover is one that players are sure to be excited about. Everyone starts with a full loadout of level 1 gear. That means players already have these equipped:

  • Mozambique
  • White Shotgun Bolt
  • HCOG Classic Scope
  • White Evo Shield
  • White Helmet
  • White Backpack
  • White Knockdown Shield
  • Two Syringes
  • Two Shield Cells
  • One stack of shotgun ammo

While you got multiple items at the start, the list isn't enough. This is because all Common/White level attachments and equipment are removed from the loot pool.

Special Collection Event

For this event, Apex Legends is bringing back 24 fan-favorites and all of them have a fresh look - a combination of crimson red and gold. For those after a skin they weren’t able to get in the past, now is a good time to grab it.

Typically, in a Collection Event, players get to unlock a specific heirloom. For this anniversary event, it comes with a twist. Those who manage to unlock all items during the event receive 150 heirloom shards. That means they can then unlock whatever heirloom they want.

But wait there’s more! During the event, the crafting cost for all of the items has been lowered by 50%. Now that’s truly a way to celebrate.

Anniversary Rewards

Let’s not forget what’s really important with this event, and that’s the rewards. There’s going to be a Reward Track that offers 22 earnable items, including 10 Apex Packs and 2 Event Packs. Players also get five awards for simply logging in.

Seasonal Challenges

As part of the celebration, Apex Legends is offering some fun challenges that reward new badges. These include:

  • Complete 75 Daily Challenges
    • Reward: “Daily Discovery” Nessie Badge
  • Deal 102,816 Damage
    • Reward: Mozambique Badge
  • Earn “Time to Win and Stay Alive” with eight different Legends
    • Reward: Smolfinder Badge

You can read more about this new event here. You can also learn more about everything coming to Apex Legends Season 8 here.

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