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In what appears to be another warning sign that Anthem is failing, Best Buy is selling the game at $29.99. This is around a 50% drop from the initial price of $59.99.

It is not rare for games to be sold at a discount just weeks after release. What makes this one notable though is that Anthem is not only being offerd at half off, but that the game carries the names of BioWare and EA. Just recently, EA revealed during an investor call that sales for Anthem did not meet expectations. Initial projections for the game estimated around five to six million units sold by March. EA, however, did not disclose just how many units were actually sold.

For those unsure whether to try the game or not, this could be a good time to do so. Be warned that there are still a number of issues in the game, but BioWare has since confimred that it remains committed to adding new content.

BioWare had revealed back in April that it was delaying many of the planned features and content in order to focus on fixing the game. That meant fixing bugs, adjusting game flow, and improving the game stability.

In its most recent update, the Elysian Caches were removed from the game.

Despite the hype months befor the actual launch, Anthem has failed to meet the expectations of almost everyone. Initially expected to be one of the best games of the year, a bug-addled launch coupled with stability and performance issues resulted in the game holding on for dear life.

The team at Anthem had long revealed that it they are continuously working on ways to improve the game. There have been a number of attempts, but for many players, improving the loot system could have gone a long way. This resulted in Anthem looking for a senior loot systems designer but for many, it may be too late.

Just how late? If Reddit is to be believed, an informal poll showed that around 53% have quit playing the game. This could be one of the factors that resulted in players having trouble with matchmaking and was one of the proverbial nails in the coffin.

Only time will tell if the discount works or not.

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