Another ‘Iron Fist’ Trailer: Enough With The Dubstep

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Our first look at Danny Rand's chest branded from battle with the Shou-Lao dragon.
Our first look at Danny Rand's chest branded from battle with the Shou-Lao dragon. Marvel

Why the fuck do all these trailers have dubstep? Marvel has blessed us with some more footage of Iron Fist kicking ass, but god damnit, this bad dubstep is ruining it. How the hell does Danny Rand focus his Chi with this playing?

Unlike the Colleen Wing cage fight trailer yesterday, this one just focuses on Iron Fist. It shows his plane crashing on Ku’n-Lun, becoming an orphan, training as a monk, inheriting billions in New York, and finally, his Iron Fist in action. The most important part of this footage is Madame Gao’s line: “This city is no place for Danny Rand.”

Whether Gao says this because she’s out for him, or because he’s a sworn enemy of The Hand remains to be seen. But that quote really makes Gao’s role quite interesting and it seems her presence will loom over Iron Fist way more than Daredevil. Check out our theories on how Gao will fit into Iron Fist here.

And regarding this techno music in all the trailers, Finn Jones says Danny Rand’s preferred playlist is 90’s hip hop so not really too sure what’s happening here. It appears Iron Fist is taking a more fast-paced tone than Luke Cage or Daredevil, so that could explain the change in tempo. However, Jones named De La Soul, Jurassic 5, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan as some of Rand’s favorite artists, but we have yet to hear that influence shine through in any of the promos. At least pick a better techno song...

What do you think of the music in the trailers? Let us know in the comments below! Iron Fist arrives on Netflix March 17.

Iron Fist
The Struggle Is Not Real
If you’re looking for shock value, Iron Fist does not have it. Netflix and Marvel have turned an interesting superhero into a basic bro.
  • Colleen Wing is a delight
  • The last four episodes are significantly more entertaining
  • Problematic character development
  • Lackadaisical fight scenes
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