‘Iron Fist’ Trailer Songs: How Will The Soundtrack Compare To ‘Luke Cage’?

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Our first look at Danny Rand's chest branded from battle with the Shou-Lao dragon.
Our first look at Danny Rand's chest branded from battle with the Shou-Lao dragon. Marvel

The Iron Fist trailer started off with a groovy beat reminiscent of what we heard in the Luke Cage soundtrack, but took quite an odd turn about a minute in with a dubstep jam from Apashe. The song is fittingly called “I’m a Dragon.” It features Sway and has lyrics which pair with Danny Rand’s mission: “We put in practice and discipline, no giving up, no giving in. We're match fit, we're here to win.”

A little corny, especially coming after Luke Cage, which was laced with hip hop classics and originals from Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad. In footage from New York Comic Con, Danny jammed to "Award Tour” by A Tribe Called Quest with his headphones in before he walked into Rand Industries, so it came as a surprise to hear a song with a tone similar to Darude’s widely popular “Sandstorm” from 2001. Fans didn’t hold back tehir mixed feelings on Twitter either...

Maybe Iron Fist is hoping to appeal to a wider audience? Some fans on Twitter voiced how happy they were to hear an electronica song in a Marvel show, and series star Finn Jones even admitted he’s a huge dance and house music lover in a recent interview with Extra. However, he also said Iron Fist’s roots are still hip hop.

“So before I started the role, I actually made a playlist on my iPod of songs that Danny Rand would listen to,” Jones told Extra . “It’s a lot of kind of ‘90s hip-hop, like De La Soul, Jurassic 5, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan. Like that kind of music is what Danny’s really jamming to, and we feature that in the series.”

That’s a good sign for fans of Luke Cage, but even more exciting is that episode 6 was directed by Wu-Tang’s RZA himself.

“So yeah there’s a very close tie with hip-hop and the Iron Fist series,” Jones said. “He [RZA] has a really good vision of what he wants. He understands the martial arts genre.”

And so does composer and producer Trevor Morris, who has been tapped for the score. His background seems perfect for a show deeply rooted in martial arts. He is known for epic ballads in shows like Vikings and video games like Dragon Age: Inquisition, tones that will fit perfectly as background music for training in the mystical city of K'un-Lun and for when Danny shows off his martial artistry in battle.

So what are you hoping for? More hip hop or dubstep? Let us know in the comments below! Iron Fist arrives on Netflix March 17.

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