Angry Alligator Coming Soon to PlayStation

Be the swamp creature you were meant to be.
Be the swamp creature you were meant to be. PlayStation

Are you one of those who want to experience what it means to be living a different life? How about being a swamp animal? If you’re hungry for some adventure, why not become an Angry Alligator?

Released on Nintendo Switch back in October, it’s launching on PlayStation 4 on November 30. The game even supports backward compatibility with PlayStation 5.

To make the alligator experience better, you start from being a baby gator and grow to become a big reptile. You even get the chance to choose from four different kinds of alligators.

Since everyone starts at being a baby gator, it won’t be easy going after those hoomans from the get-go. That means players have to start with some frogs, squirrels, and other small prey to fill their belly. Eating is just one part of the game. Explore the open world filled with a lot of creatures to meet and eventually eat. There are also some secrets waiting to be discovered. To grow bigger, players need to get enough XP and of course, the right amount of nutrients.

Features of the game include:

  • Join a small alligator who takes on an adventure to free his home from the horrible hoomans. Remember, nobody messes with your swamp.
  • Become one with the wisdom of Wisecroc and learn the ways of the swamp.
  • Explore a massive open world filled with creatures and hoomans. There are even boss beasts that you can fight.
  • Grow into the biggest gator in the swamp and make sure to eat everything in your way.
  • Choose from different alligators and get to dress them up.
  • Do everything you can to mess with those stinky hoomans. These include:
    • Raiding their camps
    • Pulling them through toilets
    • Blowing things up using explosions

For those who can’t wait for the PlayStation version, get the game for Switch here. For those who have the patience to wait, get it from the PlayStation Store here.

So what do you think? Have what it takes to take revenge on hoomans?

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