PlayStation Invites the Community to Seize the Throne

Have fun with the entire community.
Have fun with the entire community. PlayStation

The PlayStation community is in for a treat with the upcoming Seize the Throne event. It calls all players to be part of a chess-themed celebration and complete three Stages of Community Goals. In return is a chance to earn exciting rewards.

In addition to the event, players also have the chance to join and win prizes by showing off their PlayStation knowledge through a series of challenging trivia questions. Prizes include a PlayStation 5 console, the King’s PlayStation Shapes Ring Set, and a bundle that features a Pulse 3D Wireless Headset along with a PlayStation Store digital gift card worth $100 (or equivalent provided in local currency).

To join, players simply need to register their PSN Sign-In ID here. Once done, they will be automatically entered in all future Stages of the program and the question round.

By the way, this event is open to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players from participating countries. You can view the list of countries here.

Stage Activities

The entire event is divided into three Stages with the First Stage starting on November 2. Each stage needs players to complete activities to earn points and get the Community Goal per stage. The activities are:

  • Play PS4/PS5 games
    • Every PS4/PS5 game that each player plays for at least an hour (across as many sessions as they’d like during the week) earns points towards the Community Goal.
  • Players earn extra points toward the Goal if they play games with users on their Friends List.
    • Users on the Friends List must be signed up.
  • Use the “Share” feature
    • Every image or video that each player uploads via the on-console Share feature to PSN Friends or social media earns points that count toward the Community Goal.
    • Each player can have a maximum of six PS4/PS5 Shares a day count toward the Goal.
  • Earn Trophies
    • Each player can earn a maximum of six PS4/PS5 Trophies per day to contribute points toward the Community Goal.
    • Earn extra points toward the Goal for every five trophies earned in a single PS4/PS5 game.

Here’s the breakdown of points:

  • Play any game of player’s choosing
    • Points: 10
  • Play any game of player’s choosing with another player
    • Points: 15
  • Use Share feature
    • Points: 5
  • Obtain Bronze Trophy
    • Points: 5
  • Obtain Silver Trophy
    • Points: 10
  • Obtain Gold Trophy
    • Points: 20
  • Obtain five (5) trophies in a single game
    • Points: 25


Players who sign up have the chance to get exclusive avatar and theme rewards when the Community hits a Goal. The rewards are delivered directly to players’ PS4/PS5 consoles via system notification approximately two days after each stage is completed.

Here are the Community Goals and corresponding prizes:

  • Stage One – Reach the King’s Tower
    • Starts November 2.
    • Community Goal: Reach 25M total points
    • Prize: Two exclusive PSN avatars
  • Stage Two – Access the Inner Chambers
    • Starts when Stage One is completed.
    • Community Goal: Reach 100M total points
    • Prize: Five exclusive PSN avatars
  • Stage Three – Breach the Throne Room
    • Starts when Stage Two is completed.
    • Community Goal: Reach 160M total points
  • Prize:
    • An exclusive PS4 dynamic theme
    • Three exclusive PSN avatars

Learn more about the new event here.

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