First Class Trouble Now Out on PC and PlayStation

Can you survive?
Can you survive? Versus Evil

It’s time to brush up on those deduction skills with the release of First Class Trouble. This social deduction game leaves Steam Early Access today. That’s not all since it’s also now available at the PlayStation Store. PlayStation Plus members can download the version for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 for free between November 2 to December 6.

First Class Trouble supports cross-play between PC, PS4, and PS5. In addition, the game makes use of the technical capabilities offered by PS5, such as 3D sound and ray-traced graphical output. The haptic feedback on the PS5 controller will allow players to feel and experience everything in the palm of their hands.

By the way, the PS version is going to include everything available on the PC version like the Botanical Garden and Personoid Quarters updates.

First Class Trouble is a social deduction party game where six people take the role of characters aboard a luxury space cruiser. Four players are the Residents and will help each other to shut down a rogue AI. The other two players are going to lie, deceive, and do whatever is necessary to prevent the Residents from reaching their goal.

While the game is not the first in its genre, it does offer something new. It features what’s known as proximity-based voice chat to bring the social dynamics of actual conversation to new heights. What does this mean exactly? Let’s say that the Residents decide to split off. When something happens to one of them, those who are too far away won’t be able to hear their cry for help.

Players can also experience some truly hilarious moments, especially with different map environments. For example, players can dump each other off airlocks or electrocute them while relaxing in the pools.

In a statement, Versus Evil General Manager Steve Escalante revealed that they are happy to release the game and thanked those who supported them during Early Access. He added that players are sure to enjoy a new social deduction experience with the hilarious results.

In addition to the base game, there are also six cosmetic DLC packs available which include:

  • First Class Trouble Supporters Pack ($9.99)
  • The Christmas Pack ($4.99)
  • The Winter Pack ($1.99)
  • The Vruumba Pack ($4.99)
  • The Runway Pack ($9.99)
  • New Years Eve Pack ($14.99)

Get the game on Steam or on the PlayStation Store.

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