Among Us: What's Coming in Future Updates?

Among Us
Among Us InnerSloth LLC

Fans of Among Us will have plenty to expect in the coming weeks as InnerSloth LLC has revealed its updated roadmap during the Summer Games Fest.

Although the game’s player count has decreased substantially since its peak last year, this hasn’t stopped the developer from bringing new content that may entice players to come back.

In the recent Summer Games Fest showcase, the developer provided us a glimpse of what’s to come.

What’s in Store for Players in the Next Update?

It is important to keep in mind that new content will be released gradually, which means not all of the things said in this article will be given in one go. In addition, it is still unclear when the updates will come, but the developer mentioned: “in the coming months.”

That said, here is what’s confirmed in the next update:

  • Increased Player Support: Each game will have up to 15 players in total.
  • New Colors: Players can use and enjoy additional colors, such as Coral, Rose, Maroon, Tan, Gray, and Banana.
  • Improved Graphics: Although the developer mentioned only “slight graphics update,” any improvement is better than nothing.
  • Support for Mobile Controllers: For people who play this game on their mobile devices, third-party controller support will be added in the upcoming update.

While the aforementioned features will be rolling in the next patch, here are some extras about what else is coming:

  • New mode: Hide and Seek.
  • New map: Map 5.
  • Additional achievements: More challenges for you to conquer.
  • Account linking between platforms: Save your progress on every available platform.
  • New roles: Sheriff and Scientist.
  • Visor cosmetics: May impede vision but at least you get to look cool.
  • More platforms: The game’s coming to Xbox (One and Series X/S) and Playstation (PS4, PS5).

What’s particularly interesting about the future updates is the part where you can play on any platform and have all of your data saved across those devices.

Currently, the game is supported on Android, iOS, and PC. However, people can expect to play it on current- and next-gen consoles soon.

Because there are no specific dates mentioned, it is probably safe to say that the earliest release of new features is later this year.

Do you still play Among Us? If so, which of the upcoming features are you most excited about?

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