Among Us Confirms New Map and Gives Some Updates

A new map is set to drop or should we say go up?
A new map is set to drop or should we say go up? Innersloth

Developer Innersloth confirmed that the new Airship map is arriving in Among Us sometime early this year. This huge map is inspired by The Henry Stickmin Collection game and offers a large area with new tasks to perform and new rooms to explore.

In addition to announcing the release of a new map, Innersloth also revealed its 2021 roadmap. The developer, in particular, said that they’re going to be more transparent about its plans for the game. It was late last year when they gave players an idea of what was going to happen. You can read more about that here.

In a post on Steam, Among Us Community Director Victoria Tran first answered the hiring issue. A lot of players have been asking why Innersloth won’t just hire more people in order to ensure that the game development goes at a faster pace. Tran clarified that it isn’t that easy and that there’s no assurance that getting more people would result in faster results. She’s actually right considering that nobody expected Among Us to become a huge success.

Meanwhile talking about the upcoming update, Tran shared that they had wanted to release it even earlier but they wanted to be sure that it wasn’t “half-baked before implementing.” Recognizing that the update is about moderation, they too want it to be released as soon as possible. Tran assured that they’ve been listening to the community and requested features will eventually become part of the game.

Now then, this brings us to the main question that the community wants to know - why is everything is taking too long? As mentioned, Among Us became a hit last year which something the team didn’t expect, and for Innersloth, it meant a lot of change. The original three people who worked on the game had to work again and include everything into account. Tran revealed that she’s actually the fourth member of the team.

Not only do they need to make the game more stable but also had to work on making Among Us available on different platforms. Overall, Innersloth appears to be in a sort of “chicken and egg” situation. We say this because there’s a lot that needs to be done to improve the game and the team needs more members. However, they can’t add more workers unless the game becomes stable.

Hopefully, Innersloth can find a way to make things work and there’s no question that the community is behind them all the way.

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