Albion Online: Beyond the Veil Update Now Available; Introduces New Realm and Ancient Armor sets

Beyond the Veil Update
Beyond the Veil Update Twitter/@albiononline

Tons of new content has arrived in Albion Online with the new Beyond the Veil Update. This patch brings a new realm called the Mists that is perfect for solo players and duos who want to engage in new things that the game has to offer.

Enter the New Realm

The Mists is a new realm in Albion Online that contains a bunch of new stuff. Players can enter the Mists by following Will o’ Wisps - floating spirits found in the open world or in the Roads of Avalon. Players should pay close attention to the type of Will o’ Wisp they interact with. That’s because a portal to “the Mists” is only for solo players, meaning only one person can go in and parties cannot be formed while inside the realm. On the other hand, “the Greater Mists” is for pairs, no more than that.

Once inside, players can find a new city called Brecilien. What’s interesting about this new place is it does not have a fixed location, so players must discover it first before they can access it again via the Travel Planner.

It’s important to note that Mists only last for a limited time, usually around 15 minutes. At the five-minute mark, new wisps will spawn and players have the option of continuing on their journey inside by entering a new wisp or exiting Mists entirely by letting the timer expire.

The Fey Armor

Another interesting thing about Albion Online’s major content update is the Fey Armor sets. This is a new Artifact Armor line that can be crafted using parts dropped by specific creature types within Mists.

There are three different versions available: the Feyscale (Cloth), Mistwalker (Leather), and Duskweaver (Plate). Those who want to craft the Cloth Armor set must defeat the Fey Dragon for its scales. Players should slay the Griffin within Mists for its feathers, which can be stitched into the Leather Armor set. And lastly, the Veilweaver’s tough carapace can be forged into the Duskweaver Plate Armor.

What’s cool about Fey Armors is their new abilities. For instance, the Duskweaver helmet’s ability called Spider Thread can slow enemies that are hit. It can be cast again to pull enemies in, making them easier for players to kill.

Patch Notes

  • A new and exceedingly rare enchantment level, Pristine, has been added to the game
  • This corresponds to ".4" in the Tier level, e.g. Pristine Bloodoak Logs are Tier 6.4 wood
  • These resources only appear in the open world as Resource Treasures, or they can be created via Transmutation
  • When Pristine resources appear:
    • They only appear in open-world full-loot (black) zones
    • They are locked for a certain amount of time based on their tier
    • They appear along with their lock timer on the minimap and zone map, and also on the world map if the player is within a certain amount of zones
    • Limited-time daily gathering events do not increase the appearance of .4 resources, though they do increase the yield
  • This enchantment level exists for Hide, Ore, Wood, and Fiber, but not Stone

Albion Online Beyond the Veil Update is available on PC.

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